Every so often, there is a push for reparations for slavery. I doubt if such reparations would be justified today, for reasons Walter Williams outlined here. Nor do I think that financial reparations (in the form of government cheques to Black Americans) would be beneficial, as the Welfare State exist only to provide bribes to pacify the targeted victims of the Progressive State.

(Seen any serious political trouble from Blacks or American Indians lately? No? Well then, the Welfare system has accomplished its goals, so far as Our Masters are concerned.)

But there’s one form of reparations that could well be useful: gaining an exception from Federal and State taxes, and from their ensnaring bureaucratic regulations like, say, the minimum wage laws.

(The divine laws regarding murder, theft, etc. are rooted in the will of God, not the will of Our Political Masters and their (easily reinterpreted) Constitution, so of course God’s commandments will remain in force.)

Naturally, there would have to be some compensation, so in return for the substantial gain of liberty, the descendants of slaves can be excluded from voting for President or service in the other State and Federal organs. So, there will be no more Blacks tokens and puppets for any party – and no more government bureaucratic jobs or service in the military, either.

I’d jump at this offer in an instant, but I’m certain that most Blacks would hate this deal. Fair enough: they can choose to forfeit reparations, continue to remain Federal subjects, get into the bureaucracies, and even vote for the Establishment Political Representative with the right skin colour.

Those who wish to be free should be granted their freedom. Those who wish to remain dependent on the government teat can remain so as well – until the money runs out.


Sure, the ‘White welfare’ of Social Security and Medicare, as well as the corporate welfare system, are all on the way out. But it’s the poorest dependents of the Welfare State who will be hit first, and hit hardest.

Don’t trust the Political Promises of Those Who Love Us.

And it’s best not to hope in some financial bonanza from Uncle Sam, when the White population can’t get it’s own Welfare Goodies. The universe simply doesn’t work that way.


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