The Future of Home Schooling

If you’ve been here for a week or longer, you’ll know that I am always pounding the table about homeschooling – especially the Ron Paul Curriculum (check out the menu bar!).

Now, my driving force is primarily because I am confident that parents should value their children highly enough to keep their education in-house, instead of sacrificing their eternal future (and quite likely, their happiness and prosperity right here on Earth) to some ignorami Establishment-backed educators.

(But… but… it’s FREE BABYSITTING!

You know what Rushdoony would say: something like “Why do Christians moan on and on about taxes, when they tithe their children to their enemies?”)

However, there are certainly other reasons to ditch the lowest-denominator public schools, from safety to evading drugs. The Ron Paul people focus on liberty: fine by me, as liberty is a Christian virtue: from the days of Moses – from the days of Pharaoh…

The very first Comprehensive Statist Oppressor.

…to the laws regarding debt & penal slavery…

Slavery is tied to the punishment for sin and the payment of debts, instead of some caste/race/class warrior business.

…all the way to Christ…

Luke 4:19 & John 8:36 are simply the peaks of the Divine attitude to liberty.

…right down to the implicit framework of the universe, where mortals really are permitted to defy God and go to hell, if that’s what they insist on.

(Compare this to the endless demands for Ideological Conformity among the Tolerant Ones, or the hunger for out-and-out Slavery among the Jihadi.)

Now, North points out in The Utter Impotence of the American Right (…tell me about it…) that at the end of the day, most Christian conservatives will only abandon the intensely collectivist and atheistic – BUT FREE – public schools only because Moore’s Law will render them a relic – see the Post Office for details.

But the early adopters will get a leg up on the future – especially those adopters who bring in Biblical ethics, entrepreneurship, and a love of liberty into their hearts.

When Government Safety Nets Break, the people who are used to working without Establishment approval, direction, or coddling are the ones who will thrive the most.

Get your people ahead of the curve.


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