Migrant Networking

The Natives Invaders Migrants have smartphones…

Bazaa took shelter in a large mosque in central Stockholm, not far from the station Monday night.

By Tuesday morning, he had made a decision: “I will go to Finland and not stay in Sweden because in Finland you can get your residence more quickly than in Sweden.”

In contrast to Sweden, Finland last year received 3,000 asylum applications and the logic among refugees communicating with each other via smartphones and social media is that Finland is able to make asylum decisions much faster.

Finnish borders, ports

But Finnish officials have offered no guarantees that it will accept those arriving at its borders and ports.

“In Finland maybe it takes four months, in those four months my family can come to Finland and in Sweden it will take four years,” Bazaa said.

Hundreds hope to circumvent Swedish border controls by taking trains to the Finnish border, rather than ferries or airplanes, where they are required to show identification.

Shelters in Stockholm are filling beyond capacity, including the mosque near the train station where Bazaa spent Monday night and where volunteers, including non-Muslim Swedes, were seen dropping off bags of food and bedding for the more than 100 people who have been lodging there each night.

Under the stress, the mosque has begun receiving help from the nearby Katarina Church, one of Stockholm’s largest Lutheran churches.

Let us sit, and consider how many wealthy Arab nations are welcoming their fellow believers, compared to those disgusting and evil infidels.

Then, let us contemplate exactly how the migrants are going to reward their generous hosts, when the welfare money is gone.

Most of those migrants will have online networking, shopping around for the best handouts. Some of them will be pretty good programmers, and handy with technology – including the coming wave of robots. And a percentage of them will be tuning in to the religious programming of Our Saudi Allies, every day.

I remember the Parable of the Samaritan, where Jesus contrasted believing priests who walked by a beaten, robbed, and naked traveler, with an heretical Samaritan who gave help (and so obeyed the second commandment). It’s going to be a sad day, should that beaten man – now cleaned up and healed up – slashed open the throat of that Samaritan because “Allah Akbar! God is Great!”

(Admittedly, the problem right now are mainly migrants raping migrants. But evil always looks for a way to spread…)

Still, God sees, and I have no doubt that He will reward such a wicked and cruel man in a suitable fashion.

It’s still going to be hard on the Europeans, though – but, between destroying the Arab homelands as the stick and the generous welfare states as the carrot, the outcome was highly predictable.


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