VW, GM, and the March of the Righteous (Addendum)

If men will not recognize God’s righteous (and limited, and finite) standards, then they will make up their own. And the standards of men will expand relentlessly to choke all freedom and liberty.

This was true of the deeply religious Pharisees (remember the Parable of the Samaritan?), and it is true of our deeply secularist Intelligentsia (who prefer to use the State or the People or the Environment as the cover for their power-grab.)

Today’s case in point can be found in Eric Peter’s article “The VW Scandal“.  To quote from his article:

Now, the hysterical media accounts of the above make it seem that the alteration via code of the vehicles’ exhaust emissions was anything but slight. Shrill cries of up to “40 times” the “allowable maximum” echo across the land.

Well, true.

But, misleading.   

Because not defined – put in context.

What is the “allowable maximum”?

It is a very small number.

Less than 1 percent of the total volume of the car’s exhaust. We are talking fractions of percentages here. Which is why talk of “40 percent” is so misleading and, frankly, deliberately dishonest.

Left out of context, the figure sounds alarming. As in 40 percent of 100 percent.

As opposed to 40 percent of the remaining unscrubbed  1-3 percent or .05 percent  or whatever it is (depending on the specific “harmful” byproduct being belabored).

And the article properly ends with

The “emissions problem” has been solved – decades ago. But the EPA, et al, cannot admit this.

Because then there’d be no need for the EPA.

Which means that the point of diminishing returns has definitely arrived.

It is worth comparing the projected billion-dollar fines over VW emissions and the $900 million fines over the Page 6 news of GM’s ignition problems, which killed 120 people. Such a huge fine over what is environmental trivia speaks of fanatical drives, not the desire for justice or due compensation for damages incurred. Especially when compared to the punishment incurred for the loss of human life, which should be the gold standard here.

(Yes, this is because I place the sanctity of human life over the sanctity of the environment: a religious decision. Shrug. You can’t get away from essentially religious/ideological presuppositions when it comes to law: I merely don’t try to hide it with blather about ‘objectivity’ and ‘neutrality’.)

A case can be made that the USG is merely shielding it’s friends – Government Motors in this case – and punishing it’s enemies.

But I think that the hysteria is indeed fueled by establishment encouragement over environmental obsessions, to further push the environmental agenda (i.e.: the watermelon strategy for Marxists). And it’s well worth comparing the media screaming here over the media silence over Planned Parenthood sales of baby parts: “Some stories support the Narrative, and others don’t.”

An aside: while Eric Peters would certainly approve of the anti-government (and anti-regulatory state) thrust of this post, he certainly would not support my preference for Christian theonomic government. Fair enough: we all know that such a state, built on the foundation of today’s low-information Christian voter, would certainly become Yet Another Tyranny.

(On the other hand: peaceful secession, decentralization, and delegitimization of Our Leaders are far, far more useful tools to regain liberty, rebuild Christendom and promote Christian Reconstructionism than any drive for State or Federal political offices – corrupt political offices in a rotting political system. ‘Let the dead bury the dead.’)

I am much more optimistic for the future, where local governments – of all sort of stripes – will be able to choose whatever legal system they wish. With or without the approval of Our Betters.

The drive of modern technology pushes forward the End of Empire. Wise Christians will prepare for the coming burdens of liberty, the consequences of localism, the sudden return of the importance of your neighbours… and the end of the leeks and onions of Egypt.

(Victories won by the outworking of Moore’s Law, technological advancement, and the unexpected, tech-fuelled rise of a new civilization. And NOT won by Christian courage, self-sacrifice, and creativity, led by fearless pastors and teachers of the Word. Just to point out the obvious.)

The return of cool, fast cars at low prices are just a welcome side-effect of the return of liberty, and the end of oppression.

Christians certainly did not create the coming wave of liberty: but again, they would be wise to exploit it to the full, instead of longing for Establishment Approval… an Establishment that is blowing away like dust, even as I write.


The Federalist has a good article that provides additional background to this issue – it’s worth a read.


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