Rosenwald’s 5,300 schools

With Booker T. Washington’s advice, Julius Rosenwald – founder of Sears & Roebuck – laid the foundation of 5,300 schools for black children in the hard soil of the South, providing a real alternative to the ‘separate but equal’ schools.

Now, we have learn-nothing urban schools, backed by various urban Democratic machines. We are in need of an alternative, tailored by blacks, for blacks. Something high quality that can be a source of pride, not shame.

The Ron Paul Curriculum took $5000, and turned a profit from Day One. Surely, there are enough interested black businesses and wealthy men to get together, say, $500,000, and do an far better job for a Black American Homeschool Curriculum.

The stars call out… but it requires intelligence and wisdom, science and spirit, to reach them. And by this time, blacks should be able to forge their own way for once, instead of relying on the charity of others.

(Thanks to North for the info.)


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