One of the things that annoys me most about today’s retreatist, ghetto-oriented Christianity is that – having decided that extending, ennobling, strengthening, broadening, and beautifying the world is just “polishing the brass of a sinking ship” – modern Christians are incapable of creating works of great art, even to the extent nature-worshipping, disciplined Shintoists can.

Hasn’t anyone heard of the Dominion Mandate?


Of course, the possibility of any nihilistic, beauty-despising, lawless, short-sighted, conformist, Politically Compliant Western artist could create anything nearly so moving is simply hilarious.

But God does not set the standard for Christians at the level of a diseased and dying civilization. Instead, He points to the very best the unbelieving world can offer – that would be in Japan, not Europe or America – and demands something better that what those aging, sterile pagans can create.

God demands perfection, God demands excellence, and it’s way past time we started giving it to Him.


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