Living in an Anti-Christian Society

I like Gary North’s thoughts on the most recent massacre, which has nothing to do with simply waiting to die.

If you love Jesus, what would be your attitude after the first Christian was shot?

I know what mine would be. “Let’s get this bastard now, or we’re all dead.”

That would also be my reaction if he targeted Muslims.

Once the first victim is gunned down, someone had better call all the rest to action, and then rush him. This person is going to get shot. He is going to get shot anyway.

This suicide mission requires a call to action. Otherwise, people will remain inert, hoping for the best.

The best strategy in an unarmed society is for everyone to rush the shooter and subdue him. In short, “let’s roll.”

I am confident that by 2100 – or quite likely, 2050 – technological advancements will insure that everyone in the world will be living in an armed society… regardless of the desires of Our Betters.

But until then, rushing the more eager ‘post-Christian morality’ materialist types is the best tactic.



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