Atheist Morality, Atheist Politicans, and a Christian Future

First, on Atheistic Morality:

Atheist meme #1: It is offensive to imply that being an atheist is in any way detrimental to being a moral person. Atheists can be just as moral as religious people.

As the article notes, “Keep your eye on the ball.”Or, what atheists mean when they say morality is very different from what Christians mean when we use that word.It gets down to who is your source of authority:

    the God of the Bible, or the vision of the Right Sort, predetermining ‘allowable opinion’ and insuring that only ‘respectable politicians’ are able to stand for office, as determined by the ‘trustworthy commentators and news organizations.’

It’s the same old story: the rule of Righteous Conduct, or the rule of Power and Pleasure.I know whose side I’m on. And you?

The God of the Bible demand public justice, as determined by Himself – and not Our Betters.

As such, politicians – most definitely including atheistic politicians – need to be closely examined by believers.

After all , do you really want another Loving One to – with the thrill that only one certain of his righteousness can have (as they alone determined what ‘righteousness’ means) – demonstrate who has power, and who does not?

It was never about freedom and love and non-judgmentalism.
It was always about who gets to do what to whom.

Upon hearing this, the majority of Christians are going to wail on and on about the All-Powerful Elites, how Invincible they are, how only the Rapture or the Republicans can save us (snicker), how we can only Delay Our Inevitable Defeat.

Oh, get a grip.

I have no real interest to speaking all twelve of the spies on the promised land of Cannan: only to Joshua and Caleb. You understand where I’m coming from, yes?

The only thing that Christians can do in politics is to do some holding action, to slow the rot. This is perhaps necessary, but certainly shouldn’t be the focus of our effort. And hindering Our Masters can often be done outside of politics per se: after all, the Internet is a far greater guaranteer of our right to free speech than any number of lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, academics, or politicians.

And even here in politics, the vast majority of our effort should be in local and county work, with little wasted on Federal or State politicians. Don’t forget, “politics fourth”.

What is inevitable about Our Masters is that their public schools are increasingly worthless, their Keynesian economic system incapable of producing prosperity, their governments nearing out-and-out bankruptcy – and the utter collapse of legitimacy that will accompany all those broken promises.

It’s best for believers to stop wasting much time on them, and turn to that which actually will matter after the Great Default (and the ongoing Great Decentralization) – personal righteousness and productivity; family, church, and the local community.

Let the Empire thrash and flail about, as it nears the destiny it has chosen for itself. Tend to your Lord, your family, your church, and your neighbours.

Dig in deep.


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