LGBT: The Newest Bully Stick

From LewRockwell’s Blog:

Matt Walsh:

Lila Perry is a teenage boy at Hillsboro High School in Missouri. Apparently, he was a gay male until about ninth grade, at which point he decided he was actually a straight female. This is the sort of “revelation” that, in saner times, would land the confused young man in rigorous psychological and spiritual counseling. But these are not sane times, so instead it landed him in the girls’ locker room.

A bully this person is, and his bully stick is disguised as “gender confusion.”

But only “Perry’s emotions matter” in this case. The students protested, they lost, and so now we have a government school openly offering up a male who is enabled to stalk, harass, and bully peaceful young women who just want to undress and use the facilities in private, with their own gender.

Perry called these girls “assh*les,” “cruel,” “bigoted,” “mean,” “transphobic,” “bullies,” and a “problem.” And the media bobbleheads refer to this heinous individual as “she.” *He* is not gender confused at all. He is just a bored, psycho, attention-seeking little prick who has to re-create himself in order to be able to stand himself. And he fully intends to take innocent females along with him as victims.

This whole LGBT thing, with its institutionalized bullying and force-fed “tolerance diarrhea” is going to be an issue that will help drive western demise.

Somewhere, Putin is laughing.

Putin’s not the only one whose laughing.

But then again, the entire point of the They who Rule Us is to insure that the Right Sort dominate the Wrong Sort.
I’m sure that all of the readers here are very familiar with Establishment malice toward Christians. This is to be expected, as our Source of the Law is God, and not wealthy and powerful men from the right circles. If you serve our powerful and demanding God who claims dominion over all things (public & private), expect to make powerful and viscous enemies, who also claims dominion over all things (public and private).
It’s rather surprising, though, that they have extended their malice to all women as well – most definitely including young girls.
Ah, well – as we should have known since Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky business…
(if not much earlier – note feminist hostility to stay-at-home mothers and traditional feminine behaviour)
…feminism isn’t about helping or protecting women. Like all other forms of egalitarianism, it’s all about establishing the might and power of the State – and eliminating all other sources of independent power, authority, law, or even decency – in the name of Equality.
Or, as Simone de Beauvoir wrote,
No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.
Yes, of course this egalitarian fantasy will fail, like all the other modernist delusions. And – much like the European empires, or the Soviet Union, it won’t fail because of some supposed revolution from below (where the new oppressors replace the old oppressors), but because of the complete economic/financial bankruptcy of the West.
And yes, the moral bankruptcy struck first, then the economic one: but that’s a tale decades old. Nobody cares about that: so God moves on to the next step. At least there isn’t any kind of invasion going on, like Israel and Assyria, or Judah and Babylon or Rome.
(Looks at the flood of migrants – 80% men of fighting age – moving right into Europe. And the distinct lack of young European men of fighting age.)
On the other hand… cross out that bit about the invasion.

So, what should Christians do?

  • Raise your children up – as many as you can afford, plus one – to fear the Lord, with their minds separate from the rotting Establishment.
  • Don’t put your faith in government incomes, or government promises;
  • Get to work in serving others – with both paid and unpaid service. (If possible, get your own business running: after work hours at first, and then be ready to transition the part-time work to full-time work.)
  • Forget the liars seeking federal and state office: focus on what’s local, especially your county and city ward;
  • Put your hope in God, His authority, and His victory – and then, turn that hope into action.
After the system is gone, revealed to be nothing more than the busted lies it always was, be sure that you and your people are still standing, rooted in God, ready to work to build a new civilization.

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