Compassion, The Poor, and God’s Law-Word


In my church, we had a visitor from Compassion who powerfully told the story of the charity. Compassion helps to care for the poorest children of many of the poorer nations, through their local church. Food, clothing, shelter, medical care, a trade, arian and even university can be provided for less than $50 a month for a child (with the local church providing moral and spiritual guidance). A good deal, I say!

I admit, I decided not to join, at least not right now. There are many people willing to help poor children in this world… and rightly so. Not many are willing to support strictly teaching and educational ministries, like American Vision (which I support) or Chalcedon, or the Bulgarian Reformation.

All three of the above, by the way, are all about disciplining the nations to uphold the Law-Word of Jesus Christ. It is good to bless and support poor children: but in addition to the poor, we are commanded by Jesus Christ Himself to disciple the nations, by propagate the Law and Ethics of God, so His righteousness and justice fills the world.

It is the church that is called to do this (which is one reason why I like Compassion, as they bring blessings and sustenance to the poor via the love and compassion of the church, and not the endless stream of lies, the tools of force and fraud, and the badges and guns of the State (the Only True Saviour of secularists, BTW).

The Poor: Real Poverty vs. Envy-Based Poverty

Here is The Truth: Poor in the US Are Richer than the Middle Class in Much of Europe

Now, it’s true that our Government-God masters are doing their level best to destroy the wealth of the United States – greatly aided by the majority of the population, who are willing to sacrifice their spiritual and moral capital so long as the welfare/Social Security/corporate welfare/military-industrial/Medicare-Medicaid gravy train keeps on chugging on.

But I believe that, after the Great Default kicks in, and all that political cant and theft and lies and moral delusion turns to so much worms and stink, a substantial minority of serious Christian believers will once again put their back into real wealth creation (instead of FED-funded money games).

Now, let’s expand on that worms and stink.

We should first understand the Biblical definition of poverty: the lack of daily bread. If you have daily bread, then you are Biblically middle-class. And if you have more than that, you are Biblically rich.

There has only been one God-backed welfare state in all of history, and that’s when God daily gave manna to His people in the desert in the morning, then fed them meat in the evening. God directly gave His people their daily bread.

(And note: even this God-backed welfare state drew from the wealth of God, and was not grounded in simply stealing from A to give to B by power of the vote.)

God gave specific orders to His people, so they would only take what they needed for this day. But there were those who despised God’s Law-Word as given to Moses, and took more than they needed, as they didn’t trust God for their daily bread.

The extra they kept grew corrupt by the end of the day.

Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them. – Exodus 16:20

We have also chosen to despise God’s Law-Word, so much of our wealth, our culture, our strength, our hopes, our dreams, our art have turned to worms and stink.

Who is called to work for the redemption of the world, to lead the nations from diseased filth, to a blessed and bright future, rooted in the Truth and Laws of God?

You are, Christian. You are.


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