Good Business Advice

I was looking around North’s site, and I found that, if I go to the very first articles, there is a good set of articles based on the work of Jay Abraham. As North once said (paraphrasing), “There are a lot of smart, fast-moving businessmen named Abraham: Jay Abraham is the one who got to the URL first.”

In any case, if you go to his headlines and click on last (AKA the very first set of articles written), you will find a set of 150 articles, based on the lessons of Jay Abraham. If a businessman takes even three or five of these lessons to heart, really puts them to work, he has a major lead over 80% of his competitors.

I do hope that you pay the money to subscribe to Gary North’s Specific Answers; that you start your business, and prosper (“and use the forums – it’s what you’re really paying for!”); and that you even get successful enough to get in touch with Jay Abraham, and get to the next level.

We need fewer self-deluded Rapture escapists, and more men willing to redeem this world, following the steps of Christ – and you need money to redeem (“buy back”) the world from Satan and for Christ, as well as faith, courage, vision, righteousness, self-discipline, and a commitment to hard work, year after year, to buy back and build up what once was lost.



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