Morality and Collectivist Mass Murderers

With this article on Napoleon, we learn once again that a enslaving, genocidal national socialist is an  enslaving, genocidal national socialist, be he a Napoleon or a Hitler.

But let’s take a look at his brief mention of morality:

Like those working in the Nazi system, the French carrying out Napoleon’s killing did so with little thought to morality,’ Claude Ribbe says today. ‘There was no sense of good or evil: it was just a matter of getting a difficult job done. In the end, the killing methods had to be efficient and cheap.’

That’s just nonsense, of course. First came the desire to defy God, then came the desire to kill, then came the intellectual justifications to grease the way to their goal. Evil was not distinctly identified and sought in the desire of these killers, as it was part of the very warp and wool of their thought.

Naturally, that is also quite true today, most certainly thanks to the pusillanimous attitude of the majority of Christians today – far more concerned with the jobs that feed them and the favour of their peers, than the judgement of some distant God on some distant day.

Wise Christians are to think differently. They may be a minority: but Christian lives are about being righteous and holy before the Lord Above, rather than gaining the favour of the wealthy and powerful of today. And if it is the minority that is to gain the future, and the majority that is to wither and fail… that has happened often enough, as well.

That distant day of judgement will arrive soon enough. Time to get to the Lord’s work today.


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