“The Kingdom of God is Advancing, but Keep Working.”

Mark Rushdoony recently wrote an article that I particularly like, The Kingdom of God is Advancing, but Keep Working. It’s an overview of the progress that the gospel is winning, even as the old systems of socialism and Islam wheeze and fail.

The very nature of this blog – an expectation that we have a great future, even among the stars – must be by definition rooted in the victory of the Gospel. Anything else – some high-tech atheistic materialistic collectivism, say – is just another name for tyranny… and tyranny by its nature destroys wealth, freedom, and hope.

You can’t finance any drive to the stars if you are spending all of your money on soldiers, redistribution bribery, and internal state security measures! And why would any Mighty Leader terraform Mars (for example) when he can use the money to buy even more power and security for himself and his allies, in the here and now?

But with liberty, self-governance, and ears for the counsel of God, no good thing can stay out of our grasp for long. Not even the stars and the worlds above our heads, however distant.

But to get over there, we (and our children) need to start walking from here, today, on the right road. Anything else isn’t a real push for a better future, but just idle daydreaming and fantasizing.

As a postscript, I’d like to note that there is some cause to believe that the universe is actually infinite in size. There are some interesting implications for an infinite universe… but what pleases me most is that (if true) they are actually observable and measurable, unlike the science-neutering and (by definition) unprovable multiverse theory.


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