From Abstracts for the What Is Information? meeting, November 13-14, 2015, Seattle

Doug Axe, Biologic Institute
Intelligible Design

Although technical work in mathematics and experimental biology has been crucial for establishing the academic legitimacy of intelligent design, the downside of emphasizing technical arguments is that it promotes a perception of elitism. My impression is that the vast majority of people who favor design over Darwinism feel unqualified to offer a robust defense of design, which means everyone is looking to the experts to resolve this controversy. Contrary to this, I argue in my forthcoming book that the key insights for resolving the controversy come from common-sense reasoning and experience-based intuitions shared by all people. This makes everyone qualified to participate in the debate.

One of the greatest things of the World Wide Web is that – if you are willing to put in the 5-10 years of solid work, day by day (excluding Sundays) – you can get a solid grip on any arena of knowledge, up to the top 4% of the population.

Put in two decades, and gain the ability to show the kind of results we expect for this commitment, and you can crush PhD’s – without destroying your future by chasing an academic PhD. “Get the results, not the piece of paper for admission to the guild.”

(A B.A. is useful as a job hunting license – but you should get that cheap.)

Motivated men who are interested in becoming an agonizing thorn in the side of Our Betters in their spare time (or even turn this calling into a profitable career) are invited to take a look at the following links…

(all from Gary North’s website – a great place to learn how to make money, but also a decent training camp for Christians who aren’t interested in crawling and hiding in ghettos, or kneeling to today’s filthy, dying, rotting, worm-ridden Baals):

…and if you nose around, you are sure to find even more useful tool to expand God’s kingdom, shove the tottering New Order off the cliff, and enrich yourself as well!

Assuming you homeschool, all of the above is doubly important.. but don’t forget the article What We Can Learn from Chinese Mothers . . . and What They Should Learn from Us (But Won’t) Get the article, read the article, and get your children ahead of the Asian elites of the future.

Keep an eye on the continual Withdrawing of Political Legitimacy: something that’s going to accelerate with the hard economic landing that’s coming, and go to warp speed with the busting of the welfare state.

With the fall of the State, comes the fall of the Scientific Priesthood that justifies the Lawless Ones – and a shifting of the boundaries between the Qualified and the Unqualified.

This kind of opportunity comes perhaps once in a civilization’s lifetime. Christians who like to win – rather than fail and wail about the power of Satan and chase the delusions of the Rapture – need to get prepped to exploit the window when it opens up, 100%.


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