The Rebirth of Old Evils

In Nine Corrupt Pillars of Classical Greece, Gary North comments on the disgusting spectacle of Christians chasing after the abject failures of an intensely anti-Christian culture, that of classical antiquity – all in the name of the supposed prestige of Latin and Greek.

But here, I will only draw the reader’s attention to a brief paragraph:

Humanists teach that Western civilization grew mainly out of Greece and Rome. Western Civilization textbooks have always spent most of their early pages on Greece and Rome, not on Israel and the early church. There is a reason for this. Ever since the God-hating Renaissance (“rebirth”), humanists have sought to substitute classical culture for Christian culture.

Greece and Rome are dead cultures: cultures that adored the State, thirsted for grinding tyranny, and despised Christ. With the Renaissance, we once again had the rise of the State as our only true Lord and Saviour, and the exaltation of Power as the only true guiding light of the State.

All that is falling by the wayside now: and not because Christians revolted against this philosophy. By and large, Christians only begged for the favour of their masters, choosing to behave like cowed, subservient boot-lickers rather than stand like Men of God (and thus, of course, face the Establishment’s Wrath, just as Christ did.)

No: the fall of Our Masters is due mainly because the European nations destroyed themselves in the two German Wars of the 20th century, coupled with the advance of technology and it’s distribution of knowledge and know-how beyond the Certified Authorities.

I remain confident that a good percentage of Our Intellectual Masters still thirst for the resurrection of the long-dead classical era… but that time is past. They cannot control their spending, they cannot stop killing their children, they cannot stop the spread of information, they cannot halt technological development. Most crucially, they cannot create a Noble Lie that can not only legitimize their power, but can compel men to lay down their lives in the name of the New Order.

All they have are welfare state bribes to keep the masses obedient: easy sex, cheap bread and mass entertainment… the usual placebos for slaves.

(With free health care typically thrown in, as is common for masters to give to slaves.)

When the bribes to the masses run out, so does their power. This is a good thing. However, there will be many people who really, truly did trust in the great swelling promises of The Authorities – and will suffer for it.

Don’t be one of them.



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