Gizmag: Online Technical Education

Visiting the Gizmag Store, you can find – in addition to various privacy tools (i.e. VPN packages), gear, and gadgets – all sorts of online educational bundles. Often, you get packages worth a thousand dollars, available for ten or fifty bucks.

If someone really wants to make money, and prefers to work independently… the door’s right there.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have homeschooled children simply walk into some nice qualifications – and leverage those abilities into a profitable business, following Gary North’s solid business & advertizing advice (and discussion forums, to get specific answers to entrepreneurial question)?

Yes. Yes, it would definitely will be.

Admittedly, the Jewish children got there first. But I want us to do better than they did. The goal is not just survival and prosperity (perfectly honourable goals, by the way), but the redemption of the world, to turn every nation, every tribe, into a disciple of Christ.

You don’t get that by hiding in a ghetto.

You get it by work, prayer, obedience, and righteousness – first in your private life, and then proclaimed and demonstrated in the public sphere.


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