The One and the Many

I was reminded of Rushdoony’s excellent work, The One and the Many, which for some reason I have failed to mention here. One of Rushdoony’s premiere works, it outlines the philosophical problem of the one and the many, the need for unity at one hand, and the need for a plurality at the other.

Outside of the Christian Trinity, there is no actual resolution to the problem: only a drive to oppressive unity – like today’s all-controlling Compassionate State,

(successor to the Total States of the 20th century, the absolute monarchies, and all the other bureaucratic tyrannies going back to at least the Pharaohs)

the Islamic Caliphates, the Chinese empires, etc. Or, on the other hand, to the lawless chaos of the atomized individual, without faith in the Heavenly King, without family, without state, without a lawful public magistrate, enforcing the laws of God.

You can read it for free online here, but I just went ahead and bought the ebook.


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