Atheism & Brain Function

I’m sure that many of you have already read the American Vision article on the distinct lack of brain function that atheists have – and the spin the secularists have made from it. It is definitely amusing to read about… and I suspect that this ‘brain blindness’, this lack of logic and contempt for reason , is part of the secondary causes of atheism.

(There are other secondary ‘core causes’, from fatherlessness to the will to power. The core cause, as always, is pride and rebellion seasoned with a certain cold lovelessness, which supposedly leads to the Godhood of man (the serpents’ promise), but actually leads to death and disgrace… and the laughter of the snake.)

However, I am confident that there are many slow, dimwitted, low IQ, even (initially) stupid people who fear God. But here’s the thing: if you really fear God, then you are going to obey Him. And if you obey the commandments, you aren’t going to stay stupid forever.

The laws and commandments of God – from saving money to loving your family, from hard work to respecting authority, from holding your tongue to avoiding perversity, wickedness, and foolishness – have a way of enlightening the mind, opening the eyes. If you truly love God, you will love to obey Him – which means that you will start to read, digest, chew on, and absorb the commandments.

People who start thinking God’s way are going to be increasingly wise (which includes logic, yes, but is so much more than that!). Trust me, I’d far rather have a low-IQ, hardcore Godfearer as a President than a high-IQ humanist. One man will respect my property and my life, and the other will do and say whatever to expand his power and control (a.k.a. “the Authority of the People”, “a Fair and Equal Society”, “the Majesty of the State”, etc.)… and have nothing but contempt on any limitations and restrictions on his power.

Especially limitations and restrictions that can’t be removed by the right bribe (not always monetary…), a smooth lie pumped up by the media, or a bullet to the brain.

Atheism’s problems with thought and brain activity – especially thought (and speech and logic) that stem from sources outside and above the State and the People – is manifested in more than one way.



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