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Tithe, Taxes, and Gods both Real and Imitation

I favor flat taxes: the principle of the tithe. There is no “graduated tithe.”

The tithe is good enough for God. Ten percent should be more than enough for all the imitation gods — combined — that want to get their hands into our wallets.

– Gary North, “Sliding Down Laffer’s Curve: The Ideal Tax Rate”

I like the way the man thinks.

Now, when all Christians – or even a substantial minority – thinks in a similar way when it comes to Our Loving Masters, then regaining our liberty becomes not merely an inevitability, but a rapidly approaching reality.

Liberty comes first in the Spirit, and only afterwards in the Flesh.


The Shifting Corpse of Catholic France

An interesting business, is noted in France’s Catholic Revolution. Unlike the Catholics of Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, the Catholics of France aren’t interested in just lying down and dying already. Rather unexpected, in the land of socialist-secularist France.

Most Americans Protestants need not worry overmuch: there is no possibility of any kind of Christian resurrection in Western Europe, either Protestant or Catholic, until after the continent has changed irrevocably by first Arabic, then African, immigration. So, there is no serious Christian counter-narrative to the Pentecostal/Calvinist emphasis believing American Christians have on liberty, capitalism, and a rampant distrust of priesthoods of all sorts.

It pays not to be complacent, though.

After the welfare-state dies and the European Union project goes belly-up, it is within the realm of the imagination that various political leaders will try to pull some kind of Franco or Putin stunt, to use the Catholic Church as a (very willing) tool to strengthen obedience to the real foundation of European society and law, the State.

And, just like in Russia or Spain, a vast number of clerics will quickly move to grovel before power, and obey some future conservative zeitgeist of the powerful, just as they currently do to the current liberal beliefs of the explicitly anti-Christian elite.

This isn’t the way I’m betting though, regardless of how cool it is to be a French Catholic. I remain confident that, when things get nasty, we’ll get nothing but hardcore Nationalist guys in the driver’s seat, with political God-talk being just some shouted slogans to rope in the marginal demographic groups in close elections.

American Christians would be wise to keep on pounding on the majors – homeschools, home churches, small-scale entrepreneurship, and local (county, town, and ward) politics. Christian liberty requires the correct, society-wide understanding and application of Christian law, and it takes decades to properly train and disciple a Christian community.

For one thing, such a change today would have to start with Christian pastors: and rest assured, seminary-trained, don’t rock the boat, keep-the-money-coming pastors will never do this. A future Christian society will come from the work of the laymen, or it won’t come at all.

Perishing Perversity

The actual details of homosexual behaviour is rather nauseating, which is why the press – even today – is careful to block it out. However, the occasional crack in the facade comes through, as in Jim Goad’s reflections on The Power of HIV-Positive Thinking.

It is strange, to see God’s enemies so aggressively work to destroy, disgrace, and bankrupt themselves. But did you really expect anything else, from a people so wedded to evil?

Better to fear the Lord, and live.


Forgiveness, and the Vicar of Baghdad

The Vicar of Baghdad holds very different opinions than I do, being far more British in outlook: but I feel he’s worth listening to. So, some excerpts from the article “The Vicar of Baghdad.”

Bias warning: the writer of the article is pretty sure that Canon Andrew White is a saint, in the usual sense of the term (uniquely holy and spiritual). As I only know something of his behaviour, not his actual doctrinal commitments – this is the Anglican Church, after all! – I’ll only say that he is a genuine peacemaker, and a good negotiator.

St George’s, White’s church in Baghdad, once had a congregation of more than 6,000 and a school, a clinic and a food bank. This great community has been more than decimated by Isis. ‘They killed over 1,000 of my congregation,’ he says. ‘Can you believe that? And now the others have fled, too.’

‘It’s not just Isis.’ This from a girl who looks 15 but is 27-year-old Dr Sarah Ahmed, sitting in pyjamas on the sofa. She’s White’s right-hand woman, a Muslim, still working in Iraq. She says: ‘The truth is that the congregation came to hear Andrew — Christians and Muslims both — and now he’s left, they’ve gone. There were 46 who came last Sunday. Forty-six!’

Muslims came to an Anglican church? ‘People respect faith in Iraq,’ says Sarah. ‘They can see he is sincere.’

  • It’s hard, running a church in Iraq.
  • Especially when the ‘moderate Shia’ Iraqi government is quite hostile to the Christian faith, nevermind the killers waiting outside the city borders.
  • But – if the people are sincere – there can be a easing of borders, between Muslims and Christians. More than I would have expected, myself.

‘Oh yes,’ says White cheerfully, but adds that it actually causes problems with pro-Israel western Christians, not with Israelis. ‘They say, “How can you deal with evil men? With these evil Muslims?” Well, I don’t like the term evil Muslims. They are no more evil than Christians are. We haven’t got a very good history either, have we?’

True – and something even the most hardline Christian theocrat should remember. Perhaps especially the most hardline Christian theocrat: not because his beliefs are wrong, as they may well be an accurate reflection of Biblical teaching!

(I certainly support Biblical Law more than the various idolatrous, “Glory to the State and the People!” morally threadbare elitist/dictatorial imitations running around…)

No, the strongest of believers must be wary, because King Jesus judges according to knowledge. He who knows the Lord’s will most accurately, will be judged by the most strictest of Divine standards.

And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?

Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.

But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;

The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. — Luke 12:42-48 (My bold, of course)

And also:

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? — Matthew 7:2-4

OK, back to the article.

‘The trouble is a lack of forgiveness in Islam. I have looked through the Quran trying to find forgiveness… there isn’t any. If you find it, tell me. This makes it very difficult to talk to Isis because they can show you quite clearly that it is what Allah wants. They can justify their position when Allah says you should combat and fight the infidel and they say, “Well, these are infidels.” So the question is, how can you prove that these are not infidels? And you can’t.’

And here is one of the mighty pillars of the Christian faith: something the Muslims and Secularists (and especially Marxists!) view with disdain and contempt, but the wise believer will keep close in his heart.

Other people, other religions, other cultures can choose to waste their time in the cycle of violence and revenge, from now to the end of time, over some evil that was done years or generations or centuries ago. Not so, the followers of Christ! We know that final justice is impossible on this world, and that debts end with the death of the criminal in question – and is not passed on to his children.

Christ is forgiving of those who repented (but NOT those who hold on to their sin!): as His followers, the adopted younger brothers of the only begotten Son of God, we must imitate Him in His righteous behaviour and judgement.

With forgiveness, peace (and her kinsmen, prosperity and liberty) has a chance to grow, and we can get on with the work of extending God’s Dominion across the world, instead of stewing in our poisonous hatreds.

So what’s the answer, Canon White? Is it ground troops? In recent weeks he’s been quoted calling for boots on the ground. He’s a tough guy, for all his soft heart, and an admirer of the military.

But is he quite sure that as a man of peace, he wants war? As White begins to nod, Dr Sarah pipes up again from the sofa. She says: ‘Andrew, come on. It will not help! Yes, maybe with violence they will make some temporary progress, but it will also fuel tensions.’ She turns to me: ‘If I am angry with Andrew and I hit him I feel better for two seconds but then he would hit me back and there is no end to it. No end.’

There’s silence for a while. We both look at White. He says: ‘I know what she says is right. War creates war and we have to find other ways round doing it. Even as a raving Tory like me, I have to say Sarah is right.’

It’s the measure of the man that he listens and doesn’t stick to his guns.

I’m with North (and Lew) on this one: the West should pull out of the Middle East completely, and let the locals deal with their own problems.

At home, you can either set up a police state, with ever-greater controls and ever-declining liberty – the humanist solution


let your civilian bear the arms (and the body armour!) they deem necessary to secure their liberty, let the civilians organize their own local defense and intelligence networks, and let them include and exclude in their communities who they wish (at the county/ward level), while insuring that there is only one Divine standard of justice, for locals and aliens alike – the Christian solution.

Oh, and one other thing:

“Is that smart, young Muslim women a plant?”
“Well, let’s just say that she represents a God other than the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.”
“So, should the Canon fire her?”
“If you are going to establish a church in a Muslim land, you are going to have to deal with the Muslims up close and personal, one way or another. As to who to trust, and how far to trust… that’s up to the man in the field, not some armchair quarterbacker thousands of miles away.”

Both Dr Sarah and Canon White agree on one thing: that however we combat them, Isis must not be underestimated. They’ve lived with Isis. They know.

Even now, post-Paris, the West is inclined to say: Oh, Isis are just idiots. If we grown-ups put any real effort into it they’d be easy to wipe out.

Not so, say Canon White and Dr Sarah. She tells a story about the way Isis captured a Yazidi village, which demonstrates unusual cunning: Isis first came to the village promising peace, she says. Then they said to the Yazidi: ‘We’re worried you’ll fight us, so if you really want peace too, give up your guns.’

This the foolish Yazidi did. On their third visit Isis came and surrounded the now unarmed Yazidi. They took the women and girls as sex slaves and shot all the men, bar one who played dead under the corpse of his brother and survived to tell Sarah the tale.

Clever Isis, tactical Isis.

Local, community rule will not save you, if you don’t know who you are dealing with. Yes, it’s a lot better than Trusting the Authorities, but local rule in itself is no cure-all. Both Sodom and Gomorrah had city-based/tribal governments, after all…

Moreover: Forgiving and trusting people who have not repented will have unpleasant consequences.

Let the Christian who has ears, hear.

NYU’s White Student Union

A story, from the New York Daily News (via Lew Rockwell)

A so-called “NYU White Student Union” launched Friday as a platform to “celebrate whiteness” and members of “European descent” turned out to be a hoax, but it didn’t stop people from finding it offensive.

The faux group was among several similar supposed student organizations springing up at colleges nationwide.

“It’s totally inappropriate and insensitive given the conversations going on right now,” international relations student Prem Cohly told the Daily News on Monday. “Racism is still very real, even here in New York City. There’s such a history of white supremacy that this is troubling.”


The page says it intends no “harm” to other ethnic groups, calling itself a “community for NYU students of European descent.”

“We condemn the cowardly campaigns of moral subjugation and propaganda that seek to instill self-hatred and surrender within European-American youth and justify the continued invasion and degradation of the lands, institutions, and cultural heritage that is rightly ours,” the Facebook page says.

The page’s owner is not identified and did not return requests for comment. But the supposed founder told The Tab he or she is a liberal arts undergrad at the school, hailing from Montclair, N.J.

“The atmosphere on campus now is very racially charged,” the founder said.

“Race is all that is being talked about. But white people effectively have no voice here because our voice is systematically excluded from discussion.”

As an introduction, I offer a great quote from a recent American Vision article:

The famous American journalist H. L. Mencken once rightly said that the problem with defending human freedom is that you have to spend most of your time defending scoundrels, because oppressive laws are first aimed at the various scoundrels of society; but if we don’t stop oppression at the beginning, we stand little chance of stopping once it has a full head of steam.

As I keep on repeating, there is Only One Law. If we start attacking people because they lack popularity or respectability, then how will we stand when we become unpopular or disrespectable?

In any case, White Power is on it’s way down in America (and everywhere else), and will continue to crash and burn until whites decide to repent of their sins before God. And by ‘sins’, I don’t mean merely the foolishness of racism, but the whole she-bang, from pride to perversity. The core issue is not whites vs. blacks, but EuroAmerica vs. God.

(Blacks have their own problems with obedience to God; not as much driven by atheism, as by lawlessness. But there are many roads to hell…)

But many whites have indeed repented: and it is wickedness to deny then the liberty all the other tribes have. Especially as quite a lot of lying and unjust derogation is going on to back the witch hunts. “God is no respecter of persons,” and I myself am far more interested in blacks learning to build up their families and their earnings, than to hear them always cry out for acceptance by white people.

Why should black Americans, who have been both Christians and in the US for generations, be so easily surpassed by fresh-off-the-boat, dark-skinned East Indians who don’t know God – but do know something about education, family unity, self-discipline, and getting a business up and running? That should be the nagging question of the day, not 1960’s era cries about how mean the white people are! (Who are rapidly shrinking in numbers, by the way…)

Even those whites who have not repented remain human, and thus have the right to live as free men under God – yes, even with the evil in their hearts, so long as they don’t violate the lives and property of others.

Pagans do not know that sins before God are not crimes before the State, and so always choose tyranny “for the right reasons.” Believing Christians of all races are to know better.

The Failure of Kings

A great article on how King David began to fail as a just king almost immediately after assuming the throne is provided by McDurmon’s Fallen Kings article.

Without Due Process

The most outstanding aspect of this story, in my opinion, often goes with very little comment, and that is David’s pronouncement of the death penalty for this lying Amalekite. It is clear to me that David did not try this man, scoundrel that he was, according to due process. The law of God clearly says that no one should be put to death without the testimony of two or three witnesses (Deut. 17:6; 19:15). It specifically says that no one should be put to death only on the testimony of one witness (Num. 35:30; Deut. 19:15). There were not only not two witnesses in this case, but the one witness David did adduce—the man himself—does not count. Self-incrimination is not possible under biblical law.


Moreover, it seems to me that this particular failure of David’s represents a classic besetting-sin of civil governments; overreaching power in the service of punishing crime. I suspect everyone on the scene was suspicious of this lying Amalekite and that David was especially enraged by his pitiful story and transparent scheme. But David was also surely aware he did not have enough witnesses to convict the man of anything, let alone to death. He knew a truly lawful trial would see the man walk free. Yet he, as we all do, certainly yearned to see vengeance visited upon what he just knew to be a great crime—especially one committed by a despised immigrant Amalekite. It was probably a great passion welling up in his breast. So he allowed himself to employ an arbitrary measure of guilt and an arbitrary process—the man’s own confession, uncorroborated or tried—and called forward one of his soldiers to execute the man on the spot; “Go, execute him” (v. 15). What we see here is how the state, if allowed, will allow itself to break its own laws in order to convict and punish those it targets for prosecution.

Learn this lesson well: if this can happen to David, the man after God’s own heart, it can happen to anyone, anywhere, even to the most upstanding policeman, prosecutor, sheriff, or government at any level.


Second, despite all of his successes in various battles, David had yet to be trusted with the peculiar temptations of power. The orator Robert Ingersoll once stated in an oration on Abraham Lincoln, “Nothing discloses real character like the use of power. It is easy for the weak to be gentle. Most people can bear adversity; but if you wish to know what a man really is, give him power.” While I have severe disagreements with both Ingersoll (an agnostic) and Lincoln, I appreciate the wisdom in that statement. What we see here is David entrusted with a power he had never handled before; judicial power. He did what so many men, untrained and undisciplined in the law, would do. He defaulted to the much more efficient and macho, and much less subtle and self-restrained, aspect of government—the executive function. David pronounced immediate death and had it carried out on the spot. Boom! Problem solved.

The current Establishment is a shambling corpse – bankrupt, fruitless, and delusional. It will fall.

Most Christians are closely wedded to the current Pharaoh, and will do down with the ship. True, some may escape by the grace of God, but at a far higher cost than they think. As North wrote long ago:

The story of Joseph is significant. The famine which hit the world drew people of many nations to Egypt. They came to buy food. Joseph’s brothers were compelled to make the journey into Egypt — arrogant men who had sold their brother into slavery and then lied to their father about him, bringing great grief to the old man, Now they were forced to come to their brother for their lives, though they did not know who he was in the beginning. The whole family finally came to Egypt, and it led directly to their eventual enslavement, when a Pharaoh arose who did not remember Joseph. “God will take care of us,” they may have thought as they were sending Joseph into slavery. “God always takes care of His people.” They may have thought when they neglected to store up grain in the good years preceding the famine. And God took care of them. too, but at a cost far higher than they thought their descendants would have to pay.

God took care of the remnant in the days of captivity for Judah. Jeremiah was taken care of as he wrote Lamentations. As the Babylonians smashed the dreams of Judah’s inhabitants, those who survived the war were taken care of.  They lived. However, they went into slavery, and most of those who did never returned. Some of those who did return shed great tears when they saw the post-exilic temple’s foundation, for it was pathetic in comparison with the one Solomon had built (Ezra 3: 12). God had taken care of them, but not in the life style to which they had become accustomed and believed they deserved.

But this post is not written for those who love the world and the system.

It is written to those Christians who are preparing now, and training their children now, for leadership in the hard times to come.

If you do your job well… if you retain both your integrity and your hope, your willingness to work and serve, and your willingness to save and sacrifice for the future… it’s quite likely that you (or your descendants) will gain a local leadership position in the future.

And you can be sure, there will be tests waiting for all obedient (and thus, in general and in a few years, successful) Christians.

Be aware, and prepare now. Know your God, know your Bible, hew close to the Holy Spirit. Choose wise brothers in the faith for counsel.

Keep the crown God is preparing for you.

Charlie Sheen, Hedonism and American Christianity

An interesting post (tied to an interesting radio interview) on Charlie Sheen. A quote from the original Fire Breathing Christian blog post below:

The one thing Charlie wanted us all to know is that he was a winner. He was winning life. He was a winner and all those who would challenge that notion or dare speak out against his understanding of reality were…um…not winning.

While Sheen’s interview may have made for captivating radio in the trainwreck-in-slow-motion sense, it was painfully sad to experience. This was clearly a man given over under the wrath of God…and he thought he was winning something (or everything, actually).

Kind of like America.


In this, Sheen seems to be an excellent representation of modern American culture, including many of its most supposedly “conservative Christian” components.

We love to view material success as proof of God smiling on us. We love to enjoy our unmatched comfort and ease, flaunting ourselves as a “shining city on a hill” worthy of the adoration and emulation of the rest of humanity. And “We the People” love to do all of these things while utterly dismissing the detailed commands of Christ when it comes to the way we manage our business, economics, law, civil government, art, education and pretty much everything else.

I know, I know: people repent, at least in public, after their houses have come crashing down.

It’s just as the man says: “Pride: It comes before a fall”

But really, it’s much better to repent before the full force of painful punishment comes down from Heaven, I would think…