Liberal Liars as Losers

The Media Lies By Commission

On the outrageous amount of bald-faced lies against a homeschooling family in Texas, pushed by the media across the nation… without even a pretense of fact-checking:

This is not journalism. It is not even the typical liberal slant expected from the mainstream media. This is a hard-core, full-bore, anti-Christian, activist agenda.

The media reports are almost exclusively spin, propaganda, anti-Christian homeschool agenda, and outright lies. The truth is that the only case pending is a civil case against the school district. The district is trying to save its own rear-end from losing. Even if they do, it will not change a single homeschool law in Texas or anywhere else in the nation.

The Establishment is getting desperate, trying to get a Narrative going against homeschooling. They tip their hand here… but their hope is not in God and Truth, but in men with uniforms and robes, guns and cages.

The Establishment – and their barking dogs – are doomed. Let the dead bury the dead: you and yours, keep on going forward!

The Media Lies By Omission

From The Silent Spots Speak Loudest in NYTimes Story on Houston Battle

Conservatives used fear-mongering tactics to turn back an equal-rights ordinance in Houston.

What tactics did their liberal opponents use? Oh, who cares?

The New York Times doesn’t totally ignore supporters in writing up the referendum to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). But the story does pretty much fixate on who the opponents were, what they did and what the consequences might be. And what the newspaper chose not to say spoke volumes.


How ironic to see the Times talk about reframing, then saying that opponents “seized” on the issue. The newspaper also frames the story with standard labeling. Various forms of “conservative” were used seven times; “liberal,” zero.


But the biggest sin of omission was silence about the city’s subpoena of sermons last year against five pastors who opposed HERO. The Times was aware of the effort; when Parker called it off two weeks later, the newspaper reported it. In fact, the paper made a glancing reference to it last Sunday. Why was it dropped in the latest article?

None of my comments are an attempt to put the HERO opponents above scrutiny. If they used tactics that approached fearmongering, that’s a valid facet of this story. But so is the blatant attempt to use governmental power to chill dissent – and, I suggest, it’s the larger danger. To report one without the other amounts to focusing on tactics of one side while giving a pass on the other.

The Mainstream Media are nothing but predictable, mechanical drones now. Sure, it’s still worth tracking their lies and getting the truth out, since it always pays to reveal liars as liars. But increasingly, they’re just an artifact of the past: only useful as Servants of the Powerful, and even that will be taken away from them in due time.

Be patient, and you may well live to see that time come to pass.


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