Potted Plants, and our Democratic Police Forces

I enjoyed Bojidar Marinov’s article What Does a Plant Look Like?

I am certain that there are informants in Christian circles, both formal/governmental and informal/liberal freelancers. I would expect Christians to stand on their integrity, as it’s difficult to attack people who are into doing what’s good, protective, and constructive.

Physical Swords

Violent hotheads should be kicked out promptly, as the Bible doesn’t permit political rebellion by laymen, but only by lesser magistrates. It is the truth that is the primary weapon of the Christian, ans not the bloodshed that secularists (enemy: unborn children & the elderly), Marxist (enemy: people from the wrong classes, and the politically incorrect), or Islamic (enemy: infidels) cultures prefer.

Fortunately, Biblical Christians are not interested in imitating the ways of the world: gaining political power is only fourth on the To-Do list, compared to individual, church, and familial responsibilities. Raising your children right is directly demanded by God, right now: having a godly government can wait till a godly majority of people insist on it, and that’s something that I doubt will happen for several decades yet.

(And even then, the ‘godly nation’ is much more likely to be a local county government of 40,000, then a sprawling continental empire of 400 million!)

As a matter of both Divine priorities and practical realities, it’s far more important for Christians to either be great employees or great entrepreneurs, than to put much hope in politics beyond the county level.

Political violence merely results in a new tyranny, exalting a new set of power-seeking men: this is of no interest to God. (Even if said men never stop with the God-talk.) Violence is to be limited only to the defense of your own life; that of your loved ones; and to the (limited) defense of your property. It is also permitted for laymen to shoot someone who is violently endangering the lives of others: there would be far fewer school shootings, if teachers, the majority of adults, and the responsible students bore arms.

The Sword of Truth

But 95%+ of the time, it isn’t some idiot hothead agitator that is the problem, trying to provoke violence when it should not be done: it is some spineless moderate leader, with big words and zero action, that’s the issue. The sword of truth lies, powerful, strong, and completely unused, in far too many churches to count. Even when it would be perfectly legal to challenge the authorities… even when it would make a major impact on the nation… even if the wise non-violent resistance models of the Civil Rights era would bear much fruit… there is nothing.

It is definitely doable to raise the money, the energy, and the talents of Christian believers to shift the course of the nation… it is not so hard for thousands, tens of thousands of resignations to creatively force battles the enemies of God would rather not have fought… it would be a matter of a decade (my estimate) or less, for Christianity to be in the ascent – especially in an era of a visibly rotting Establishment. But victory demands sacrifice, and the wealthiest churches in the history of the world will sacrifice nothing for the Glory of God.

As this is simply, objectively true, we must train our children to gain the victory that our generation has explicitly despised. With the love of real parents who love and protect their children (and so homeschools them, or at least get them out of the public schools), worthwhile victories can be gained, as God honours a true, pure, and sacrificial love.

But you can forget the churches, and the delusions of the gelded Christian Right.

Useful and informative excerpts from the article:

The really effective, long-term plants were the “moderate” ones. Moderate not in the general rhetoric: the general rhetoric had to be strong in order to earn them the following and the influence. “Moderate” only when it came to specific actions where it mattered, on a local level, where the rubber met the road. As long as the attention of their followers was kept on general issues, engaged with general rhetoric, but their practical actions kept subservient to the government in the “little things” of life, the plants were successful. They might offer general criticisms against “the system,” but specific actions had to be discouraged, and for different reasons: “we obey the law,” or “respect to authority,” or “we don’t want anarchy,” or “we need order,” etc. As long as an “informal” movement was kept in the realm of the abstract, and practical actions where it mattered were discouraged, it was safe for the regime and could be easily co-opted. Eventually, its energy would dissipate and the movement would die.

These plants were the most dangerous, and they didn’t disappear with the fall of Communism. To the contrary, when the secret police files in many Eastern European countries were opened, we discovered that such plants had infiltrated even the anti-Communist opposition. Many even had managed to get elected to high positions in Parliament and local governments, as representatives of the anti-Communist opposition. The failure of Eastern Europe to shed off its Communist past as fast as possible can be traced back to this infiltration which slowed the reforms, and eventually dissipated the political and social energy of the late 1980s. As a side note, when the files were opened, we learned that more than two-thirds of the Protestant pastors were such plants, busy not only with keeping their churches subjugated to the regime, but also intercepting smuggled Christian literature, isolating foreign missionaries, etc.

It’s worth reading that last sentence again.

After discussing two celebrity plants in American Conservative circles, Marinov continues:

  • What is the original purpose of government schools? Answer: Government schools were designed, started, and promoted by God-hating liberals with the purpose of undermining America’s Christian roots.

  • What is the official worldview of American government schools? Answer: Secular humanism, and its political ideology, socialism.

  • What is the attitude of government schools to orthodox Christianity? Answer: Christianity is increasingly excluded by government decree from the government schools, while hostile religions (as Islam) and perverse and sinful lifestyles (like sodomy) are openly welcome and protected.

  • What character traits and moral principles are encouraged and nurtured by the government schools? Answer: Conformism, ethical relativism, collectivism, blind submission to authority, rejection of individualism and entrepreneurship, etc., etc.

  • Who has been teaching American kids for several generations to despise their families, worship the government, and turn into trained little communists and statists? Answer: The government schools.

  • Is police as it is today a legitimate Constitutional authority? Answer: Not at all. Neither the US Constitution nor the original constitutions of the 13 colonies allowed for a professional government standing army with special executive privileges to “maintain order.” See more here.

  • What professional police did colonial and post-revolutionary America have? Answer: None at all. Alexis de Tocqueville describes America in the 1830s as having no police at all, and yet, “hardly a crime remains unsolved and unpunished.”

  • What are the origins of modern American police? Answer: The first professional police was organized in France by the French revolutionaries in the 1790s. The ideological origin in the English-speaking world is in the ideas of the English utilitarian, Jeremy Bentham, who believed that people’s moral actions can be engineered by government intervention. In America, the first professional police was organized in the 1840s by the Democrat government of NYC, under the corrupt political machine of Tammany Hall.

  • What have been the main functions of professional police in America? Answer: Collecting revenue and protecting the government from the people.

  • When is the last time police as an institution sided with the people against corrupt governments? Answer: Never. Google “The Battle of Athens TN.”

  • What are the political loyalties of police unions in the US? Answer: 100% Democrat. And so are their political donations. Read more here.

  • What side has the police as an institution taken in the pro-life vs. pro-death abortion controversy in the US in the last 40+ years? Answer: American police, Federal and local, has been consistently and uncompromisingly on the pro-death side, and has used a number of anti-constitutional and outright illegal tactics in its war against the pro-life movement. Watch this movie.

  • If and when the Federal government decides to move ahead with its plans of destroying the American social order, whether in confiscating guns, or sending political opposition to concentration camps, or forcing abortions (as in China), etc., who do you think will be knocking on your door to enforce those plans? Answer: It won’t be a DC politician, and it won’t be a Federal agent. It will be your local cops. And they will be “just doing their job,” and they won’t care a thing about ethics or justice.

There is a little rhyme Marinov uses, as a frame for his blog post:

Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells,
Sing cuckolds all in a row.

A very fitting frame, I must say, for Christians in America: both the leadership and the laymen.


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