The Choice of the Jesus Denialist

Of all the odd forms of atheism I have encountered, the oddest is the Jesus Denialist.

I mean, seriously. What do you even say to someone who ignores the vast number of ancient records, created by people who certainly knew of Christ’s existence? Neither His friends nor His foes ever denied that Jesus actually existed!

In addition to the ancient records (click the link above), there are the psychological issues involved: who is going to die for a story he invented? And just how easy it would have been, to dig up the body and – with the greatest of ease – discredit Christianity, right at the start?

Finally… who on earth would choose to follow Christ? Certainly in comparison to a Caesar, imitator of the Greek welfare/warfare state, who had power to give you whatever you wanted, right here and now! Or a Mohammad, with his simple, natural religious totalitarianism? Islam was always about power and control – and there is more than one form of Shari’a out there, including forms that deeply please American Conservatives.

Who wants to serve a Christ who actually created the doctrine of hell? Who insists on perfect obedience? Who can and will judge not only each and every action you have done, but any and every thought you ever had? Who is inescapable, and cannot be placated with the blood of bulls and goats – or gold and land, for that matter? Who judges His people first and more harshly than the others, as “whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required”? Who hold absolute power and authority, by the will of His Father – and not of any man, or any Establishment, religious or political or economic? Who has proclaimed His Law, and demands that all nations, all human powers, become His disciples – or inevitably perish, dry up, and blow away, forgotten?
Outside of the power of the Holy Spirit, nobody would choose to serve such a master: and indeed, the solid majority of people on earth would rather serve another deity, any other deity – including that rotting Lord of the West, the State.But God calls forth His own, chosen from before the creation of time, who know His voice. His voice beings life into the souls of dead men. And life – eternal life, absolutely, but to a surprisingly high degree actual “born alive” life as well – is in His hands, while the impostor deities are only good at delivering sterility, ignorance, delusion, and death.To deny Jesus is to choose death. And dead people do not inherit the future: their physical destiny is to turn into dust, and then be ground under the heels of the living.Until the resurrection, where the damned are given perfect indestructible bodies, judged, and then cast to the lake of fire, forever. With sufficient pain to 1) provide proper payment for the evil they have done, and 2) prevent them from even conceiving of another sin.To obey and worship Jesus as God is to choose life. It’s also a good foundation – the only stable foundation, really – for wisdom, science, family, justice, compassion, a clear view of both history and the future, and all good things. Anything else is anti-Trinitarian, and therefore either collapses into a random chaos (the Many/Lawlessness), or destroys all distinction into a meaningless unity (the One/Tyranny).(Points again to Rushdoony’s work for further illumination.)Yes, even godly men die, and their bodies also turn into dust – as even godly men have sinned, and must pay the price. But for those who God has chosen, those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as God and Saviour and King, the very Son of God the Father, death is not the end. Christ is the only begotten son of God, but He is also the firstborn of many adopted sons, who will joyfully reign by His side. And, as Christ was physically raised to glory, so will those that He foreknew, in the timelessness before Creation.


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