Future Black America: Humility First, then Success

When (not if) the welfare state dies, blacks should insist on the destruction of the minimum wage – and a lot (perhaps all) of the remaining employment controls, as well.


There are a lot of black illiterates out there, and a lot of undisciplined black bastards as well. They are simply unemployable at current minimum wages, as their labour just isn’t worth the minimum wage. Robots and automation is far more cost-effective than hiring people who will never be worth their wage.

But they cannot gain anything, they cannot begin the long climb out of disgrace and contempt and despair, until they get to work.

Even an illiterate streetsweeper has honour, so long as he is putting in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, however small. Without the minimum wage, all sorts of service organizations, from McDonalds to the car wash, can provide a lot more service for the customer’s dollar.

The more work there is, the better. But for that work to be sustainable, long-term work, the wages must be fair – that is, determined by the free market, and not by the State. Bloated wages only lead to bloated unemployment levels, nothing more.

I can hear it now… “Chump change!” goes out the cry.

If these men want to be paid more than chump change, they must earn it.

(And it is  black men we are talking about. Black women know how to work, know how to feed their family, know how to stay out of trouble for the sake of their little ones. They don’t have time for the narcissism or the bloated pride black men keep close to their hearts.)

On the other hand, you can go up the ladder, if you are willing to start with chump change.

You can live cheap, and save for a better future: to move out of the ghetto, to get an online education (or just learn to read and count), to pay your bills.

Poor neighbourhoods are not the problem. Drafty houses are not the problem. Violence, despair, meaningless rage: this is the problem. There are plenty of Chinese (and East Indian, and Latin American, and even Black African) neighbourhoods that are far poorer financially than the American ghettos… but the families are intact, the kids are loved, the streets are safe, there is hope for the future.

(In contrast to the violence-and-despair, welfare-dependent Black American ghettos, there are also the violence-and-despair, welfare-dependent American Indian reservations. Now, what element do these two groups share? Hmmm….)


Poor men who plan to make something of their lives – instead of lying on a cold slab by the time they hit 30 – put their money on their children. That means strong families, with Mom homeschooling them, Dad disciplining them, and everyone looking out for each other.

Marxists (and their Feminist puppets), feeding their total enmity to God and family, have worked hard to eliminate the one-income household (making it an elite privilege, of course): this poverty-building evil must be reversed, just as the minimum wage must go.

Even illiterate black men can get somewhere… but they must work honestly, steadily and well; they must get and stay married; and they must invest in their children. (You don’t have to fear God to do these things – points to the East Asians – but it helps.)

The current Tolerance and Compassion Regime works hard to eliminate & discourage all three tools, kicking away the ladder that everyone else uses to get somewhere in life. (And we all know how they feel about God and His Law-Word.)


The current Empire of Compassionate Lies must and will fall, due to its own incompetence…. and the nature of their Enemy, Whom they hate above all things.

But will black men get rid of their own delusions? Are they willing to 1) admit that they are at the bottom of society and 2) they must repent of their foolishness and wickedness to 3) work their way up, for a reward that 4) only their sons will enjoy?

Or are they going to rant on and on about their ‘entitlements’… and so, consign themselves into a pathetic irrelevance, generation after generation, as everyone else (excluding the American Indians) simply walks right by them?


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