I tend to lean more into the officially-dour, grudgingly-hopeful, nothing-comes-easy, Earn Your Happy Ending branch of the Christian faith.

But as even the grimmest of Calvinists will admit, amazingly joyful and profoundly graceful miracles really do happen. Which is where GodUpdates comes in.

From police officers showing kindness to the homeless (it happens more than once), to the quite reminder of just how fleeting the works of Man really are, to a good hearted Englishman looking out for a stranger, there are really good people out there, in the most unlikeliest of places.

I remember Christ declaring that a pagan Roman officer had more faith than was found in all Israel, and that a man from a despised race was more compassionate than the priests of the Temple.

Yes, stereotypes do exist for reasons… sometimes, for good reasons. But there are exceptions, and Christians are to see reality as it is.

Including the pieces that do not fit into the puzzle.


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