Serious Migrants

Why More Migrants are Coming to Europe as Winter Approaches

AS THEY debated the migrant crisis this summer, often angrily, Europe’s politicians hoped that the winter months would bring some much-needed respite. In previous years, the number of people venturing across the Mediterranean plummeted along with the temperature. In 2014, the number of migrants arriving by boat fell by a third between September and October as the voyage became more dangerous. This October, the opposite happened. A record 218,953 migrants arrived, a 27% increase on September. These migrants must contend with the rougher seas, hypothermia, increased risk of capsize and general misery that such journeys made in winter involve. Why are more migrants now coming to Europe as the dark, cold days approach, not fewer?
As winter nears, migrants may be tempted to delay their voyage until the spring. But this year it seems a “now-or-never” attitude has taken hold. Fears abound that Europe will tighten its borders soon, and each week of delay makes the voyage across the Mediterranean more perilous. Moreover, the worsening carnage in Afghanistan has pushed the number of Afghan arrivals in Greece up from 27,500 in September (16% of total arrivals) to 64,000 in October (30%) (see chart). Smugglers are happy to take advantage of despairing migrants. The trafficking business is now worth hundred of millions of dollars and is becoming ever more sophisticated.

Like most everyone else, I thought that the migrant surge would slow down during winter, and double up in the spring. And like everyone else, I was wrong.

Meanwhile, as Europe Stumbles Over Immigration Challenge

Two unconnected events caught my eye this week: Michael Semple, one of Europe’s foremost experts on Afghanistan, was musing on how the country had changed since the early 1990s. At that time, he said, entering Afghanistan was like moving into a separate world, a country utterly unconnected to the rest of the globe. Today, there is no corner of the country where people do not know how many buses they have to take to get to Europe.

Meanwhile, speculation is rising about when Britain might hold its referendum on leaving the European Union. It can’t be in winter – it will be cold and gloomy and that could make people vote against the government. But it can’t be in June, July or August either. Why not? Summer is the time of calm waters in the Mediterranean when the TV news is full of images of desperate people taking to leaky boats to reach the southern shores of Europe.

My mind continues to chew on that sentence: “Today, there is no corner of [Afghanistan] where people do not know how many buses they have to take to get to Europe.”

Most of the migrants are poor, and have no idea how to use SMS on a cell phone or an internet connection… but some of them know how to do it. Especially the eager, daring, risk-taking, quick learning young men, who make up the majority of the immigrants.

Most of the migrants are just ‘here for the money, the welfare cheques, and the women of easy virtue.’ But that’s just the immediate needs: when they settle in, they will want to make the place look a lot more like home.

And they… and their children… and the continuing flood of migrants (which I believe will include Egypt in a decade or less)… will have the muscle to get what they want.

There is also another sentence that sticks in my mind: “The trafficking business is now worth hundred of millions of dollars and is becoming ever more sophisticated.”

This means that the party is just getting started. I have a suspicion on where all that millions of dollars are going. And, when the anti-migrant, seriously nationalist reaction kicks in, there are going to be some ugly pictures: pictures that will most certainly be used by the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and the rest of the jihadi to point even more impoverished, angry, envious young men at the old enemy.

An aging enemy.
An enemy that doesn’t believe in in sacrifice.
An enemy who only wants a comfortable life, in the here and now.
A childless enemy.
An enemy that doesn’t believe in God, or family, or masculine leadership.
A enemy that loves a vast array of sensual pleasures, as well as their wealth.
An enemy that has never taken a risk in their entire life.
An enemy that openly laughs at both God and morality.
An enemy that defines Law and Justice as “that which gets me and my friends what we want… preferably, at the cost of Christians, as both a people and a belief system.”
An enemy that has been pampered for decades by their (slowly rotting) welfare states.
An enemy that relies of unions and guilds and regulations to keep out migrants from the workplace, leaving them in their migrant camps to stew in their hostility.

Americans would be wise to learn from Europe: “Watch everything they do, and then do the opposite” would be a great start. Our current Glorious Leadership are careful to imitate Europe: but the time will come when our own rotting, intensely anti-Christian welfare state will fail.

Christians should lay foundations so that, when the time comes and the promises of the Worthless Ones are shown to be, well, worthless, believers should be ready to move into leadership. This takes serious work and personal discipline, in the neighbourhoods and the family, on the job and in your own business. You have to build up a reputation – not just a reputation of images, but of proven substance as well.

Godly men must take responsibility – in their churches, in their families, on the job, in their community. Power flows to those who take responsibility.

Get ready.


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