Charlie Sheen, Hedonism and American Christianity

An interesting post (tied to an interesting radio interview) on Charlie Sheen. A quote from the original Fire Breathing Christian blog post below:

The one thing Charlie wanted us all to know is that he was a winner. He was winning life. He was a winner and all those who would challenge that notion or dare speak out against his understanding of reality were…um…not winning.

While Sheen’s interview may have made for captivating radio in the trainwreck-in-slow-motion sense, it was painfully sad to experience. This was clearly a man given over under the wrath of God…and he thought he was winning something (or everything, actually).

Kind of like America.


In this, Sheen seems to be an excellent representation of modern American culture, including many of its most supposedly “conservative Christian” components.

We love to view material success as proof of God smiling on us. We love to enjoy our unmatched comfort and ease, flaunting ourselves as a “shining city on a hill” worthy of the adoration and emulation of the rest of humanity. And “We the People” love to do all of these things while utterly dismissing the detailed commands of Christ when it comes to the way we manage our business, economics, law, civil government, art, education and pretty much everything else.

I know, I know: people repent, at least in public, after their houses have come crashing down.

It’s just as the man says: “Pride: It comes before a fall”

But really, it’s much better to repent before the full force of painful punishment comes down from Heaven, I would think…



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