The Shifting Corpse of Catholic France

An interesting business, is noted in France’s Catholic Revolution. Unlike the Catholics of Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, the Catholics of France aren’t interested in just lying down and dying already. Rather unexpected, in the land of socialist-secularist France.

Most Americans Protestants need not worry overmuch: there is no possibility of any kind of Christian resurrection in Western Europe, either Protestant or Catholic, until after the continent has changed irrevocably by first Arabic, then African, immigration. So, there is no serious Christian counter-narrative to the Pentecostal/Calvinist emphasis believing American Christians have on liberty, capitalism, and a rampant distrust of priesthoods of all sorts.

It pays not to be complacent, though.

After the welfare-state dies and the European Union project goes belly-up, it is within the realm of the imagination that various political leaders will try to pull some kind of Franco or Putin stunt, to use the Catholic Church as a (very willing) tool to strengthen obedience to the real foundation of European society and law, the State.

And, just like in Russia or Spain, a vast number of clerics will quickly move to grovel before power, and obey some future conservative zeitgeist of the powerful, just as they currently do to the current liberal beliefs of the explicitly anti-Christian elite.

This isn’t the way I’m betting though, regardless of how cool it is to be a French Catholic. I remain confident that, when things get nasty, we’ll get nothing but hardcore Nationalist guys in the driver’s seat, with political God-talk being just some shouted slogans to rope in the marginal demographic groups in close elections.

American Christians would be wise to keep on pounding on the majors – homeschools, home churches, small-scale entrepreneurship, and local (county, town, and ward) politics. Christian liberty requires the correct, society-wide understanding and application of Christian law, and it takes decades to properly train and disciple a Christian community.

For one thing, such a change today would have to start with Christian pastors: and rest assured, seminary-trained, don’t rock the boat, keep-the-money-coming pastors will never do this. A future Christian society will come from the work of the laymen, or it won’t come at all.


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