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The Sovereign’s Courts

Extracts from the article The Sovereign’s Courts by R. J Rushdoony.

Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?

Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.

I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?

But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.

Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?

Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren. — I Corinthians 6:1-8

It is a common-place statement among historians that Judea was an insignificant corner of the Roman Empire; therefore, not of very great importance. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, when in the first century B. C. Rome took over Judea and Galilee it did so very happily. It was an event and an opportunity they welcomed because of the strategic importance of that area not only as a major trade route, but in terms of the eastern frontiers of the empire.

So Rome went out of its way to favor Judea. Hence, its vengeance when they felt betrayed in the Jewish Roman war of 66–70 A. D., a fearful war of vengeance, unparalleled in history. They had poured money into Jerusalem and elsewhere, turned it into a palatial city of marvelously paved streets, marble palaces, important and strategic centers of the empire.

Our Academic Elites like to keep Christians as ignorant about the actual facts as possible; Christians are to break the fetters of ignorance – and the Internet can definitely help here!

Now, in the early days Christian places of worship were simply Christian synagogues. But Paul changed this from synagogues to the ekklesia.

This is often translated as ‘church’, but as of 2015, this simply clouds and distorts the meaning of the word, and of what Paul was actually saying.

Ekklesia was a political term. It was the name for the city council, the governing body of the area. Here in our county we would say the board of supervisors because virtually all of the county is unincorporated.

What was Paul doing in using a technical, political term to describe the Christian assembly? He was saying that in terms of the Kingdom of God, you are to be His governing body upon earth. First, to govern yourself, then to extend your scope into the community so that little by little the kingdoms of this world are made the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

It is no wonder that very quickly the church began to be viewed with suspicion. It was, to use the old term, an imperium in imperio, an empire within the Roman Empire, claiming to have its own apostles, emissaries of the King of Kings, its own ekklesia, governing bodies. And, in fact, in the original we find the word paroikia, our English word “parish” used which originally meant an embassy. And Paul speaks of himself, in the English text, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Now an ambassador has extraterritorial rights and powers as does the embassy. And this is why the ekklesia, from the beginning, refused to submit to Roman licensure or taxation or regulation.

The Secular State recognizes no law, and no authority, other than itself.

But it s a corrupt, rotting, dying thing, to be broadly washed away by AD 2100, or even a good deal earlier.

Instead of bewailing the uncompromising hostility of a dying, murderous failure of a god, Christians need to get to work on actually living the Law of God.

While submission to the ungodly powers of this world is required up to a point because the pivotal aspect of the Kingdom of God is regeneration, not revolution, the church is the advanced army of God’s Kingdom, called to convert, not to coerce the nations of the world to Christ (Matt. 28:18–20). If the church, the ekklesia of Christ, turns from God’s law, it turns from His Kingdom to the kingdom of man. This is a form of apostasy and can only be treated as such.

Apostasy is a dreary burden on the church. Kick it out.

Our Ruling Masters are always eager to welcome apostates. The enemies of God, cast out of the church and handed over to Satan, can run into Establishment arms if they wish, and worship whatever child-killing Moloch the Elite offer as an object worthy of worship.

God’s people have better things to do.

Paul thus states the issue bluntly: “Dare any of you” (v. 1). Notice that word “dare.” This is an affront to God, to Christ the King. “Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?”(v. 1). Paul regards such a step as daring insolence in the face of God.


Paul calls the pagan courts “unjust.” This does not mean that some decisions could not be good ones, but that the basic premise of such courts is the rule of man, not God. The existence of Christ’s ekklesia means the existence of another law sphere, the true one, and an institution to promote and further it. You can see what it means for the church to abandon God’s law, to abandon theonomy. It means—and one group has followed the logic to its conclusion—you reject the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You cannot have it because if Christ is Lord then the Word of God is a law book for His people.

Christ is Lord. Therefore, we must obey His word – as opposed to the droning of a bunch of senile, sterile bankrupts.

Paul asks, “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?” (v. 2). He takes it for granted. This is a fundamental fact. “Do ye not know, are you so ignorant of the faith that you do not know this?” The word judge is krinousin; now judgment is a central and basic aspect of rule. So one could render it, “Do ye not know that the saints shall rule the world?” But he uses a broader term in the Greek translated as judge. No man or power rules who does not provide the law and the judgment. To surrender either is to acknowledge a greater power. It is the calling of a Christian in Christ to rule the world by the law of God. To give supremacy to another law than God’s is to deny God’s sovereignty and lordship. If the world is in time to be judged and ruled by Christians, how can they now act as though incompetent to judge the smallest matters?

Laziness, cowardice, and a certain contempt to the Lord they claim to worship.

But no matter: Christ calls to His own, who hear and obey. The future is with those who stand with Christ, as opposed to those who only offer lip service. Those who know that Christ will win, in time and on earth. Step by step, God’s people will retake the land from those who merely squat on it.

Law is the will of the sovereign power for the lives of those within his jurisdiction or rule, his saved ones, in effect, the redeemed of his rule. These come under the protection of their lord or sovereign.

You can trust in God and his victory, or in politicians and bureaucrats selling promises.

Rushdoony continues (my bold):

We live in a time when the relics of Christian law are around us, but are increasingly being eroded which makes it all the more important for us to recognize the situation and to begin to create a Christian system. In fact, one man sought to do so, someone whom I knew well, Lawrence Eck, a brilliant young man, one of the most brilliant younger lawyers in the country who sought to set up counsels of arbitration to adjudicate all cases between Christians and Christians. They were remarkably successful until the pietistic influence prevailed and those courts of settlement were taken over by people whose attitude was, “Yes, you were wronged. You were robbed of 20,000 or 200,000  (I am talking about specific instances) by a fellow believer. But why can’t you forgive and forget? Isn’t it better to be at peace with your brother than to have your money back?” And so they destroyed the courts. And Lawrence Eck, a lawyer, because he called attention very graciously to a judicial error by a judge was thrown into jail for contempt of court and beaten to death. So you can see what is happening.

The work of Lawrence Eck must be taken up, once again. (A possible example is here.) Be sure to give no space to the enemy – especially when they coo on and on about how Tolerant and how Compassionate they are! Justice is the goal, not the protection of thievery (knowingly or not!)!

Clearly, for Paul the Christian is not called to validate the world’s ways and institutions, nor to wage war against them by civil disobedience, or any like strategy. The Paul who wrote 1 Corinthians did not deny the jurisdiction of Caesar’s court when taken before it. Rather, he worked to bring into life another law system, its courts, and its Sovereign.

The church in our time has largely forsaken Paul’s requirements. Is it then a valid ekklesia, a local ruling counsel? The word ekklesia or church means more than preaching, although preaching is clearly required. It is a proclamation of the law-word of the Great King. The church must again be the church to be blessed of God.

Because we are called to be obedient to the powers that be, we do not, in civil society, practice civil disobedience but obedience. Within our Kingdom realm, we apply God’s law and seek to bring all men into its orbit. Our King’s law must govern us, but we are the people of the Prince of Peace, and what we do must work ultimately to the peace of all society.

The old society of Satan is falling apart all around us.

Let it fall.

We are called to bring a new society, a better society, into being. Let us then turn to out assigned tasks, and bring the Spirit of God into our hearts, into our lives, and into our societies.

Like all worthy tasks, getting started is a hard slog… but it gets easier and easier with time and practice. The enemy is destined for the dust: technology and time, directed by God, works to undermine, fragment, and shatter the Consensus so treasured by those who hate God and His people.

They will fall: indeed, they are falling even as I type this line.

So long as we stand with Christ, we will rise, and inherit the world.

Just as Christ said in the Bible.



Science Improves when Lives Matter

And the converse is naturally true: science stagnates when lives don’t matter.

In one study, Stephen Kingsmore at the National Center for Genome Resources in Santa Fe found that a quarter of mutations that have been linked to childhood genetic diseases are debatable. In some cases, the claims were based on papers that contained extremely weak evidence. In other cases, the claims were plain wrong: The mutations turned out to be common, like the one in Rehm’s anecdote, and couldn’t possibly cause rare diseases.

Of course, people have gotten their kids aborted in the meantime … on the other hand, does that matter these days ?


What’s not being discussed is that, because unborn children today are technically medical waste once they are slotted for “termination,” it doesn’t really matter much. The main thing for the practitioner is not to get sued for failing to offer the “medical waste” option.

Apparently, there is a lot of wrong stuff in medical journals, that can’t be got out, and of course there are the usual pleas for reproducibility.

But typically, things don’t change unless someone’s death actually matters. In the meantime, we should be cautious about anything we hear from this field.

See also: Replication as key science reform?

The lives of the weakest people don’t matter in our Compassionate Secular Society: ergo, no effort will be spent on actually refining and verifying inheritable diseases.

Actual scientists – as opposed to the group-minded, grant-funded, “random chance created the world!” herd – are going to do very well in the renewed Christian society.

Something to look forward to… and to work towards.

Intelligent Design: Ten Years after Dover

Following the link from Uncommon Descent, we can find in an Australian article how Intelligent Design is quietly seeping into the scientific mainstream. This is hardly a triumph of Christianity. Instead, it is merely a bare, minimal recognition of reality: that modern methodological materialists are simply asking much of the power of random chance. It is simply unable to do what atheists want it to do, no matter how many billion of years are thrown at it.

As the State goes down, the ideological defenders of State power – unfettered by all that nauseating Christian morality and unchanging law-code – are going to get themselves defunded, and then Left Behind as the future continues to unfurl.

By the decline of the State, I naturally mean it’s ability to steal (via forfeiture and eminent domain laws), to tax (including evil levels of taxation: that is, at or above the 10% limit established by God), to kill, to suppress crime (both actual crime and mere challenges to its authority), and — most importantly — to Control the Narrative via the unofficial but comprehensive domination of a (very willing) media and academic establishment.

It is also worth observing what caused the hubbub a decade ago, what prompted the American government to react so harshly to a fairly humdrum proposition:

20 December 2015 marked the tenth anniversary of the judicial verdict of Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District, a landmark U.S. case which can be reasonably seen as having stopped the advance of non-Darwinian approaches to biology in state-supported high school classrooms and textbooks.

I have no doubt that such approaches continue to be taught in various guises in various pedagogical contexts. But all these efforts travel under the juridical radar, no longer seeking formal recognition.

Here it is worth recalling what “formal recognition” meant in the original case. The board of the Dover area school district in Pennsylvania had required science teachers to tell students that there are alternatives to Darwin’s theory of evolution – notably intelligent design, books on which were available for students to consult in the school library. Teachers were not forced to teach intelligent design, but they were required to acknowledge its existence as a credible alternative account of the nature of life.

A hilariously trivial and weak-wristed goal – something that is barely past atheism. But Christians have routinely chosen a craven cowardice, instead of a full-throated insistence on the primacy of Jesus Christ in all things, including science.

The more demanding and uncompromising Christians get about the Authority of Jesus Christ in all things, the faster they will get out from the yoke of the Masters who joyfully spit in their faces, on every occasion.

From this standpoint, Kitzmiller can be seen as having tested the threshold of “religiously inspired.” The verdict implied a quite low threshold. In fact, it turned out to be so low that on the back of their victory, the plaintiffs and their supporters could reasonably conclude that religiously inspired teachings were shown to pervert the teaching of science. The plaintiffs’ legal strategy had focussed just as much on the ferreting out of the religious motives of intelligent design’s proponents, textbooks and funders as on interrogating the status of intelligent design as a scientific theory.

If I said it once, I said it a million times: secular government judges have nothing but enmity to Christianity. This is only natural: as agents of a secular state, they know an alternate legal system when they see it, and will do all in their power to grind it under their heel.

Fortunately, they have based their power on the State, which itself is nothing but a bundle of bribes, guns, badges, intimidation and lies. A poor foundation for the long haul, especially as the future continues to encourage decentralization and fragmentation.

Of all the above, it is the power of the bribe that is most potent. Fortunately, every Western secular state has grounded it’s legitimacy on a pack of impossible-to-fulfill welfare promises: with the future being ruled by the PC-deluded products of government schools, it is wise to assume not only State bankruptcy in the future, but a complete inability to retain what competence it has.


Instead of trying to get at the government teat – you  know, like those dead and gone European Christian churches – American Christians need to take command of their own children’s education. (This goes double if you’re black!) The public schools are at once perverted, drugged up, and ignorant – regardless if the sprinkle a little Unitarian/Agnostic God-talk in biology class. The goal of the public schools is to teach obedience and submission to a State that is fundamentally hostile to God – implicitly so from the writing of the Constitution, and only increasing so in the decades following.

As Gary North wrote; addressing conservatives & slavery first, and then Christianity, vis-a-vis the American government (my focus in bold):

Slavery was the crucial topic that Russell Kirk avoided like the plague in The Conservative Mind. He discussed at great length the political philosophy of Southern politicians in the ante-bellum years, but somehow failed to analyze their defense of slavery as a traditional institution extending back into the mists of time. Anyone who thinks this was an oversight on Kirk’s part would probably accept at face value Alexander Hamilton’s answer to the man who asked him why the Constitutional Convention never put any reference to God into the Constitution. “We forgot.”

But of course, we all know that conservativism is simply worthless as a governmental philosophy. It’s just the defense of power and the status-quo.

Rest assured, ‘responsible conservatives’ in 2050 will be the first to defend abortion and homosexuality (never mind divorce and avoiding any reference to God in the schools!), as well as insist on the primacy of the State over any and all religious beliefs. Fortunately, the might and the power of the State – the only Lord and Master there is, as any materialist could tell you – will be in free-fall by that time….

…and the power-worshiping conservatives can join their power-worshiping liberal brothers in the pit dug for their idol, the State.

Google Censorship

Various flavours of Google search engine censorship is inevitable at this point in time. This has been in the works since at least 2009, when Google raised trigger warnings on Christian blogs posted against homosexual acts, and did nothing regarding blogs inciting contempt and violence against Christian people and beliefs.

Hate speech will be defined, as always, as speech that challenge the current ideology. Christians refuse to establish a ruling ideology, so their enemies will.

To complain about Google’s action will accomplish nothing: the Establishment is the Establishment, the Establishment hates the Christian faith, and Google is part of the Establishment. It is also wise to assume that the Establishment will struggle to expand intellectual control and zones of ignorance as much as possible.

Better for Christians to understand that they are under the heel of their enemies – for now – and turn to a variety of search engines at their disposal, including the non-tracking DuckDuckGo, the Russian-based Yandex,, Dogpile.

It will be even better for Christians to set up their own search engines and information networks. The more dispersed, the better. Moreover, as technology develops, resistance against the established orthodoxy will grow easier and cheaper.

The cheaper a product or service becomes, the stronger the demand.

Tacking Atheism onto the Middle Ages…

I have recently read that Our Intellectual Masters wanted to take ‘methodological naturalism’ – that is, the concept that only materialistic forces (and never spiritual forces) actually operate in the physical world – onto Christian thought after the fall of Rome.

This is, of course, delusional. The Objective Man of Science was as selective in his quotations as any liberal drone from CNN or the New York Times, and I am glad that Vincent Torley took the time to tear it down.

(You may also want to check out his thesis, The Anatomy of a Minimal Mind. Quite interesting!)

Humanism’s Chaplains

Front Men for Wolves

From Gary North’s article, Humanism’s Chaplains

Establishment Religion

What Lloyd-Jones wants is simple: the triumph of irrelevance. If he didn’t want it, he wouldn’t argue so vehemently for its inevitability, especially in the face of the biblical testimony favoring victory, in time and on earth–not perfection, but victory. (See J. M. Kik’s The Eschatology of Victory, published by Craig Press; Box 13, Nutley, New Jersey, 07110.)


What he calls for–and what the overwhelming majority of widely read, academically respectable Christians call for–is the defense of the status quo of the late twentieth century.  The modern status quo, being Darwinian, or Marxist, or in some other way evolutionistic, is based on the idea of change, whether reformist or revolutionary. It wants more government, not less; more State welfare, not less; more coercively enforced economic equality, not less; more taxation of the productive, not less. The modern status quo is the status quo of constant change–government-enforced experimentation. This is the legacy of the French Revolution, which Lloyd-Jones is so worried about, yet he has adopted it, but without its original optimism. He wants an economy of tinkering bureaucrats, for that is what the welfare State invariably produces, and he wants a welfare State. Because the language of the modern status quo is the language of change, our modern academic, non-fundamentalist Christians can wrap themselves in the flag of progress and change, when that flag is, in fact, the flag of the status quo. They can ignore biblical reconstruction–indeed, they feel compelled to oppose biblical reconstruction–which would forever abolish the humanist welfare State, with its constant economic intervention. These men are defenders of the humanists’ evolutionary State. They are the chaplains of humanism’s bureaucracy. They are the transmission belt of Fabianism in the world of evangelical Christianity. Their job is to keep the silent Christian majority forever silent, or, where the majority is no longer Christian, to keep the Christian minority fearful, despondent and impotent. They have done their lob very well. They have been supremely victorious in this century in promoting the psychology of perpetual Christian defeat. Chaplains for the status quo, they have paraded in the uniforms of “impossibility thinking”–the impossibility of Christian reconstruction in today’s society of humanistic evolutionism.


[Lloyd-Jones] is a Conformist’s conformist, and he has therefore been granted the right to use the language of progressive reformism–so long as it is not promoted in the name of Christianity, so long as it abandons any appeal to Old Testament law, and so long as it abandons hope.

Is it any wonder that leadership like this has produced generations of socially impotent Christians? is it any wonder that humanism, in the form of the welfare State, has triumphed?  In the realm of society, the salt has lost its savor. We have been afflicted with chaplains who have actively promoted savorless salt. The sheep need better shepherds; they need shepherds who are not front men for political humanism’s wolves.

I am uninterested in pushing Christian irrelevance and humanism’s dominance.

So, I have no time for premillennialism.

I am very interested in promoting Christian dominance and humanism’s irrelevance.

So, I have lots of time for postmillenialism.

The triumph of Christ the King – in time and on earth, as well as eternally and throughout the heavens – is the concern of every faithful servant, working to expand the Kingdom of God until it covers both land and sea.

And, I would add, all the other worlds as well – there are reasons why such powerful technologies are being developed, after all! But, first things first: the evil filth of our hearts and in our societies must be condemned, repented of, and burnt off, before we can be the righteous, noble, and mighty adopted sons (as opposed the singular Begotten Son) God has always intended for us to become…

And ergo, my natural loathing for the “overwhelming majority of widely read, academically respectable Christians”. Christ’s Kingdom has no need for such morally diseased traitors: the faster their pretty masks are removed, the better it will be, for the Church and the World.

Change as the Status Quo

An interesting insight that’s worth repeating (my emphasis here):

The modern status quo, being Darwinian, or Marxist, or in some other way evolutionistic, is based on the idea of change, whether reformist or revolutionary. It wants more government, not less; more State welfare, not less; more coercively enforced economic equality, not less; more taxation of the productive, not less. The modern status quo is the status quo of constant change–government-enforced experimentation. This is the legacy of the French Revolution, which Lloyd-Jones is so worried about, yet he has adopted it, but without its original optimism. He wants an economy of tinkering bureaucrats, for that is what the welfare State invariably produces, and he wants a welfare State. Because the language of the modern status quo is the language of change, our modern academic, non-fundamentalist Christians can wrap themselves in the flag of progress and change, when that flag is, in fact, the flag of the status quo.

The Establishment loves change driven from On High, for the same reasons that it loves egalitarianism (and despises Christ and the Law of God): it centralizes more and more power in the hands of the State and the agents of the State, and destroys the basis of any independent resistance to whatever the latest of Our Master’s Commands happens to be.

But the thing is, the Establishment needs a high degree of information control to eliminate challenges before they get serious: but this control has been shattered, as the Internet spreads and web pages multiply. Our Masters have hit – and passed – the peak of their power: it’s all downhill from here!

So why back Establishment losers, damned to be both fundamentally a failure on earth, and to eternal anguish in eternity?

Computer Game: Kings of Israel

I have little hesitation in condemning substandard Christian work, as it is an insult to God and his standards of excellence — but only to be expected, if you think the world will soon be destroyed soon, that Satan is the king and master of the world, and that everything that the righteous do is damned to failure.

In opposition, I believe that

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” — Proverbs 13:22

“For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.

But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” — Psalm 37:10-11

After all, in Matthew 13 it is the tares that – after they are fully grown, and easily distinguishable from the wheat – are taken away to be burned forever. The nourishing and blessed wheat remain to fill the earth, giving good crops to God the Landowner.

Since God wins, and Satan loses, it angers me when Christians do slap-dash, inferior work. It brings shame on the One whose name they carry, and a poor testimony to the power of Christ the King, who – enthroned in heaven – rules the world today.

But on the other side of the coin, I will commend Christians who do good work – and the Windows game Kings of Israel is worth mentioning.

Sure, such games with a very limited audience is not going to reach Call of Duty or Civilization V levels of play. But great works of excellence starts with small works of decent quality… coupled with a drive for improvement, learning from better games, and a desire to aim higher than before.

From the comments:

Further, there is a hidden, Biblical lesson Strategic Spoiler: It doesn’t matter how many altars you build or how much sin you preach against, if you don’t tear down false idols, you cannot free the kingdom. I’ll let you draw your own analogy from this game’s parable.

“In order for the good guys to win, the bad guys must lose.”

The Compassionate Ones who Rule certainly understand this. I wonder when Christians will pick up on the concept…