Effective Leaders

In Warrior Cops and Unconcerned White Civilians, North notes that black Americans have leaders who can cause real trouble for the blue tribe when there’s a shooting of an unarmed black man, but whites have no such champions when a white man dies.

Yes, North mocks these leaders: but when push comes to shove, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton gets things done. There are no equivalents among white Christians, or Libertarians, or even Theonomists.

Partly, it’s because white people simply don’t care when there’s an unjustified shooting of a black man, as if police lawlessness stops at the colour line. Increasingly, it won’t.

I personally have no issues with black people putting pressure on the police: they really do value black lives less than white lives, at the end of the day, and they represent state power, which much be restrained.

And yet, and yet..

As for police shootings, in 2014, Chicago cops killed 17 people. This year, with one month to go, Chicago cops have killed seven.

On the other hand, Chicago — so far — has seen almost 450 homicides, mostly black on black, and mostly involving young blacks. Incredibly, only 25 percent or so are solved.

True, in 2014, of the people fatally shot or wounded by Chicago cops, 78 percent were black. But it is equally true that of all Chicago homicides in 2014, 78 percent of victims were also black. And for young black men, homicide — usually committed by other young black men — is the No. 1 preventable cause of death. For young white men, it’s automobile accidents.

The government and the police remain a danger, but the power of both groups are sure to decline when the money runs out.

Black hatred for other blacks is a more dangerous problem, and one that won’t be solved when a declining white population decides to pull back to the counties they still have majority status in – taking their money with them, by the way.

Will the end of the welfare state lead to the restoration of the black family? If so, how many years (decades?) will it take for responsible black family men to again rule their neighbourhoods?


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