Worldwide Decentralization

A few comments on Gary North’s Worldwide Decentralization: No One Is Preparing For It (paywall)

The core issue here is not only the coming technologically-driven decentralization, but the complete lack of any preparation for it. Nobody is looking at Colonial America or the Middle Ages, to see how a radically decentralized culture operates. Everyone assumes that the centralized nation-state will endure forever.

No, it won’t.

North recommends that Christians invest their time and money in county & city-level politics, as – post Great Default – power will come from the local governments, not from on high. He adds that people should be prepared to move to counties that reflect their cultural, demographic, and environmental preferences, instead of calling to the corrupt (and soon to be bankrupt) state & federal governments to get what they want.

Political realities follow economic & military reality, which follow technological reality. As technology changes, so will the rest of our society… over time.



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