Self-Hating Black Men

I believe that self-hating black men are a temporary phenomenon.

There will come a time when black men will cease killing each other at far higher rates than the police do.

There will come a time when they will realize that – even in a Democratic city, under a Democratic mayor, under a Democratic president, 60 years after the Civil Rights Era, white officers will kill utterly innocent black men. AND, there will be a massive conspiracy to delete & suppress all evidence of this.

As black men cease disrespecting themselves, will then end their unconditional allegiance to the Democratic party, invite white officers to only patrol white-majority areas, so black wards and counties can provide for their own security arrangements.

(Points to Detroit, with it’s successful private police force and the decline of its police/prison corrupt syndicate. I admit, I prefer black family men with shotguns and light bulletproof vests, tending to their neighbourhood, but in the end it isn’t my decision. What’s important is that the current occupation ends, and the locals rule themselves, for good or for ill.)

Black leaders, when they vaue their people over currying political favours, will then decide to cut off the bloated and worthless teacher’s unions, and build up their own homeschooling networks. I prefer it to be self-funded by moderately successful (and highly motivated) black locals, but I won’t complain if the top 50 black celebrities decide to donate 0.1% of their wealth to the effort – or, better yet, each of them create their own curriculum to shape the future of Black Americans. Gary North, who has helped create the Ron Paul Curriculum, is willing to help – just ask him over at his website.

Fundamentally, it all starts with the unified family, like any other civilization, and any other successful people. I am confident that greater obedience to Christ brings wealth and honour to any people, but I strongly prefer laymen rising to the pulpit, and loathe the bureaucratic, spirit-gutting Establishment-dominated seminaries.

(But if you must, there are some viable online seminaries out there. But once again, all a real preacher needs is the Holy Spirit, a Bible, a good grasp of Hebrew and Greek – provided by numerous software packages – and Calvin’s commentary on Deuteronomy.)

And of course, the most far-sighted of blacks will understand that the Welfare State is a lying idol, and it’s time to stand up on your own two feet – before it crumbles, and falls apart.

A black man who can stand, and care for his people, has no interest in hating himself.


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