No-Go Zones: A Clarification

Daniel Pipes, who’s a good deal more experienced in Arab Islamic affairs than I am, visits a no-go zone in Europe and writes an interesting report. The money paragraph:

In many ZUSs, I got out and walked around; nearly everywhere I took pictures. In some, I stopped and made purchases, had a meal, or visited a mosque. I did nothing provocative like evangelize, march in a gay pride parade, recruit for the army, or take pictures of drug dealers. I was not a threat. I then “left,” none the worse for the experience.

In contrast, Brice De Ruyver, the former security adviser to a Belgian prime minister, has stated that “We don’t officially have no-go zones in Brussels, but in reality, there are, and they are [found] in Molenbeek.” Yet, I drove and walked about Molenbeek, also in January, freely taking pictures of people on the street, stores, and whatever caught my fancy, and no one paid me attention. I felt completely safe.


How to reconcile these experiences? My visits establish that non-Muslim civilians can usually enter majority-Muslim areas without fear. But things look very different from the governmental point of view. On a routine basis, firefighters, ambulance workers, and even social workers meet with hostility and violence.

Their ARE no-go zones, but for state officials, and (perhaps) a certain amount of danger for resident infidels, if they step out of line. But if you are ‘just visiting’, it’s unlikely that anyone will bother you.

Of course, these zones will continue to grow, as the State moves to bankruptcy.And as the State withers and rots, the Islamic colonies – invited in to be exploited by Our Wise Progressive Masters – will grow in numbers, political muscle, and legal independence.


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