Hard Truths on Terrorism

An excerpt from a recent missive from Lew Rockwell:

BTW, for all the pols, here are the facts on terrorism from Fred Reed. There is no way to stop it, short of getting out of the Middle East, and even that anti-neocon policy is not a guarantee of success.

I have been a strong proponent of the U.S. completely getting out of the Middle East, preferably yesterday. Unfortunately, I am forced to agree with Lew: it may already be too late for that.

It’s still worth the effort, though: every day America meddles in that blighted land, brings us another day closer to a truly disastrous set of consequences that we simply won’t be able to recover from.

Fred Reed’s article referred to by Lew, Security Theater: Customary Federal Pointlessness, is depressingly realistic. Back when the Arab world was dominated by nation-states with armies and bureaucracies and corrupt dictators, they could be easily beaten: but the American government destroyed all that. It’s all a psychotic chaos now, with the “conquering-and-colonizing” Islamic State frankly inviting the U.S. to ‘come play in Syria!

(Can the U.S. utterly destroy the Islamic State? Quiet likely, yes – just like they destroyed Saddam’s army. Fat lot of good that did…)

Especially as today’s sleeper cells have learned how to leave no red flags, not even a trace for the intrusive NSA to sniff out, when they come to America’s shores.


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