University Diversity Hustling

From Congratulations Student Protesters, You Just Got Used:

Heavily publicized student protests over alleged “systemic racism” at Yale, the University of Missouri, and Claremont-McKenna College have touched off a nationwide movement, with students at other schools eager to get into the action by issuing their own demands.

These have helpfully been collected together at a website called The Demands. The students’ list of all the things they want the world to provide them with drones on and on, but Walter Olson has already posted a preliminary summary, focusing on how the demands amount to a full-scale assault on freedom of speech.

But Olson made one comment in passing that caught my attention: “more jobs and a bigger and more entrenched establishment promoting diversity within the academy were among the most consistent demands.”

So I took a look for myself, and the more you read through the students’ demands, the more they look curiously like a full-employment program for the faculty who just happen to be egging on these naive youngsters.


…underneath the creepy totalitarianism, there is a more mundane and practical purpose. Once you’re attuned to it, it’s hard not to be struck by how much of this agenda consists of commanding universities to hire a specific group of people: the professional campus “diversity” activists. Universities are exhorted to hire them, promote them, increase their budgets, pay them more, and create new offices for them with new powers.

And who do you suppose is supporting and encouraging the campus protests? Who taught them the ideas they are using, and who is egging them on? The very same faculty and administrators for whom the protesters are demanding more money and power.

I find this business something of a drag.

Sure, in this manner the Establishment buys off black opposition: a very profitable and successful strategy, as any (black or American Indian) welfare administrator intuitively understands.

Or Democrat, for that matter.

On the other hand, getting a living via wealth redistribution is a shoddy road to success, compared to actually starting a business. Or even just 1) graduating from high school, 2) getting and keeping a job and 3) getting and staying married.

And this love of dependency is wearisome: it brings no benefit to Black Americans as a people, and no benefit to American civilization as a whole.

Fortunately, the entire university system is slowly heading for the rocks, and it need not bother those who go for the cheapest online degree possible.


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