1) The Coming End of Police Impunity 2) Blacks at School

In the article, Why many Americans don’t trust police anymore, in 7 videos, we observe the rise of videos of police lawlessness, and notes the corresponding decline in confidence in the police.

Case in point: the Oklahoma ex-cop now facing life  in prison for raping 13 black women while on duty.

Laurence M. Vance believes that many prisoners will be waiting for him in the penitentiary. I agree, only pointing out that a swift execution is the biblical penalty for this kind of evil. Life imprisonment is the ‘compassionate’ choice.

A wise and merciful nation would shun the ‘compassion’ of liberals.

My own suspicion is that the number of videos will increase, as will more policemen charged for murder; but I doubt if will be any reduction in the fear policemen have of blacks, however unarmed and harmless. Black activists will continue to focus on unjust police murders of black men (and rightfully so), but will say and do little on black-on-black murders: even though the latter is far more damaging than the former, it’s far easier to rally blacks against an outsider, than deal with serious trouble at home.

There will come a time – during the Great Default, when money is tight – when white policemen will no longer be seen in black neighbourhoods. Then we will see what black activists are actually all about.

Hopefully, with The Man gone, black activists will get serious about the black family, work, and education. But in my mind, it’s more likely that, with the decline & retreat of external enemies, black activists will simply loses steam and interest.

From At School, It Matters If You’re Black or White

“Our investigation identified examples where African American students engaging in virtually identical behavior to white students were punished more harshly than white students (who had the same or worse disciplinary history),” the department wrote in a letter to the district. “A statistical analysis of all students referred for discipline for the first time, based on the District’s own records and categorizations, found that African Americans were at least twice as likely to receive a suspension … than white students for violations of similar severity. Moreover, African Americans experiencing their first referral were over three times more likely than white students to have the suspension be [out of school] rather than [in school]. For students whose first disciplinary referral was for Inappropriate Behavior, African American students were nearly seven times more likely to receive [an out-of-school suspension] than white students.”

The investigation also revealed that the district allowed administrators to apply penalties in excess of the provisions outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, and that the imposition of higher penalties fell disproportionately on African-American students. And: “at every school level, and in every year examined, the disparities in disciplinary referrals between African American students and white students were statistically significant. “

This kind of biased treatment has not changed, regardless of the level of bureaucracy and bribes. And it will never change: something that should be obvious now, decades after the civil rights movement.

Blacks should stop banging their head against an unyielding wall, and teach their kids at home. Taking personal responsibility and personal action for the education of their children would do wonders for black scholastic achievement.



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