Everything Ends…

Barking Back at Black Lives Matter

“I’m about black people,” Southall told a reporter. “I’m not a racist, but I am about my people.”

What a sweet sentiment. Let’s see a white guy try to get away with saying exactly the same thing.

There will come a day when this openly contemptuous treatment of white people ends.

I can’t tell you when, of course. But I have seen far too many untouchable authority structures crumble and fall, to place much faith in today’s delusional leadership.

It is therefore imperative that Christians get to work, in training, seasoning, and putting in place local leaders. Not so much because we can create a great plan to lead society after the Great Default: but that there are at least local Christians who can provide local solutions, who have a pretty good idea of what they want, have a group they can work with to reach the shared goal, and can make the first steps in getting there.

And when I say local, I mean local. If the majority of a county is 90% white, then there goals will reflect this. Same for 90% liberals, 90% Muslim, etc. The day of a sprawling centralized empire are drawing to a close, and there’s no use in holding on to a dying past. It’s time to work today, to lay the seed for the future.

Wise local leadership will avoid violent escapades against neighbours, or some kind of local petty dictatorship: it is sufficient that the solid majority of county men (and women, and teens) have access to arms, and know how to use them responsibly. Instead, the focus will be on good judgement, a useful education, and getting to work, where you are.

I insist that good judgement rests on the proper application of Biblical law to a given local situation: but that’s only what I will encourage, where I live. How other people live, and which Lord they serve, is fundamentally up to them. I simply don’t have the time, the money, or even the desire to enforce some kind of Empire of Tolerance (or even a Christian Empire) over 400 million Americans.

Every man, and even every county and city, will have to work out their own salvation… or their own damnation… on their own.

As it should be.

Strong Mutually Antagonistic Governments Everywhere

In the spirit of Aristotelian moderation, allow me to suggest that an emerging danger of the 21st century is that the non-Western world could get overly right-wing. Ironically, a major cause would be that white Western liberals are focusing all of their firepower—using as cat’s paws flagrantly illiberal nonwhites such as Muslim immigrants—upon the second-most progressive group on earth, white Western conservatives.

There is no possibility that liberals will ever focus their firepower, their hatred, or their malice on any other target.

I myself have no interest in Western conservatives, especially as the conservatives of 2015 are the howling, delusional liberals of 1970. Actual, believing Christians have other fish to fry.

Still: it pays to remember the central truth: Liberals will never treat Christians with anything better than veiled malice. Regardless of distractions, regardless of massacres, they will always keep their eye on the ball.

Inevitably – as they naturally grow into their full form – liberals will increasingly dispense with the veil. Unlike conservatives, who (late to the party, as usual) will keep their malice veiled for another decade or so.


As conservatives graduate from liberal public schools & universities, the modernized military, and today’s corporate cultures, they will learn to carefully echo the commands of their natural betters, the Voices of Authority. Just like good little conservatives always do.

And, in imitation of the Leaders of Society, they will move to obey the only true authority, Our President, Our Courts, and The People. Perhaps they might mouth some religious words for old time’s sake, but I doubt it.

In the end, there will be only One Authority for One People, a fusion of liberals and conservatives (on liberal terms, as always), as they unite in hostility at the only source of division in society, the believing Christian.

I know, this is when all Christians are supposed to all be quaking in fear. All I see are all the sterile, bankrupt, delusional Enlightenment enemies of God, resting on each other, issuing orders to the media as if it’s 1975, spending as if the US still dominated the world economy as in 1950, acting as if there were still decades left of debt to borrow.

Empires end when the money runs out. And while the Establishment will continue to feed itself for at least another generation, the bribes to keep the general population obedient is going to go bust before our eyes. (Yes, it will start with the ghettos: but it won’t end there. Not by a long shot.)

That leaves badges and guns to keep control. But violence and intimidation is a lot more costly than bribes and pleasing lies; and technology & capitalism is making firepower (kinetic and otherwise) cheaper, more plentiful, and easier to access than ever before.

The far-sighted, victory-minded Christian separates himself (and his family) from these born losers, and visibly sides with the Winner, Jesus Christ.

Everything Ends… except the Power and the Glory of God. This, alone, will endure, long after the sterile, grotesquely anti-Christian, and strictly materialistic Western world has long been forgotten.

Root your life in Him, and gain victory in this life and the next.
Root your society, your tribe, your people in Him, and gain a profitable peace with fellow believers, and victory over His enemies.
That’s the way to go.


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