Sons of Warriors, Now Welfare Clients

An interesting article on the warrior ethic of (the most famous) American Indians was written by Gavin McInnes.

I tend to be rather sardonic when it comes to warrior nations – mainly due to the Profiles in Failure (and Tyranny, and Corruption) of the Greek city-states – but there are certain facts that hold my tongue.

First, as you can read in the Profiles in Failure link,

My course on American history will show that all of the nation’s history is marked by broken covenants by the state: always with the Indians, and then with the voters. It will hinge on my most controversial book, which is hated by the Baptists, hated by the secularists, and hated by the Classical Christian curriculum crowd:

You can’t blame a godless people for fighting with great savagery, for their land and their survival, against a frankly genocidal nation which never – and I mean never – keeps its promises.

Besides the massacres, said nation won because of

  1. it’s cheerful willingness to utterly wipe out the Bison herds, the heart of Plains ecology, the Plains Indians life, and their spirituality and
  2. the discovery of the pacifying effects of the welfare state, first applied to the Indian problem… and then to the Black problem.

(Plans are being made to deliver it to all those poor whites, “clinging to guns and God”, but the System is going to go bust before it gets there.)

Now, McInnes states:

Shortly before he died, I saw Howard Zinn deliver a talk at Cooper Union, where Lincoln so famously made his mark. Zinn was a smug prick who smiled mischievously as he told us, “Andrew Jackson loved killing Indians.” If we’re going to take that for granted, let’s also allow that many Indians loved killing us. While it’s clear we eventually won, it was a helluva fight and to pretend the Indians were all peace-loving wimps is to deny them that victory. They weren’t victims. They were the greatest warriors we ever faced. That’s how they should be remembered.

A few American Indians merged with the white population, but far fewer than is usually believed. (See here and here.) Quite a large percentage of the growing Hispanic population have Indian blood: but that’s Mesoamerican Indian, not the classic American Indian that is our default mental image. For most, it’s sufficient to simply point to the reservations as the end point of the American Indian.


I am uninterested in seeing black Americans go down the same route as the American Indians did. I expect more, and I believe that God expects more too.

This makes the existence of Black reservations – the ghettos – and the Black macho-warrior culture distressing. Warriors don’t need to read, after all, and reservations looking to the Great White Father for handouts is craven and explicitly anti-Biblical.

“While it’s clear we eventually won, it was a helluva fight and to pretend the Indians were all peace-loving wimps is to deny them that victory.” Peace-loving wimps/pacifists are eventually wiped out  or – if graced – merge with more successful groups (research the Amish of Europe for more details). But warriors who are unable to handle money (see: Sparta) or technological/commercial change (see: Black illiteracy, and the coming of the robots) are left to pound their chests at the back of the pack.

Until they become a real threat to the Establishment, which is when they are wiped out with a wave of the hand. A couple of memorials decades later (if that) is poor compensation for extermination, if you ask me.


I prefer armed societies that focus on expanding their dominion via commerce and science and superior population growth: not just by numbers, but by quality as well. (Waves to big-family homeschoolers!) I strongly distrust centralized bureaucratic governments, regardless of how much they talk about God or the Race or Our Manifest Destiny.

After all, it only takes a single generation (1910-1950) to crush the greatest culture and civilization the world has ever known – the European culture – and it was all accomplished by European centralized governments (and not, say, some African invasion, or Islamic conquest). It didn’t take much more (1970-2020) for those same governments to push forward the destruction of the peoples who elected them, and in whose name they ruled, from abortion, to sodomy, to mass immigration by an alien and hostile people.

Centralized states are only good at war, and then only for brief periods. The longer they exist, the more likely the State will willfully enslave & destroy the culture that looks up to The Leader, the Army and the Expert Bureaucracy to protect them.

Learn from Europe’s failure, America!

Only God is our shield; and only free and self-governing men, freely working for their families, working together in a free market, who can really insure not only survival, but prosperity, and  worldwide respect – an inevitable blessing, if America hews closely to the commandments of God.

No, it won’t happen immediately: but the Establishment is sterile and bankrupt and living in a echo-chamber, while God’s obedient people are fertile – literally, and often culturally too as they grow confident in victory.

Evil fails in this world, and good shall triumph in this world too!


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