Men, Past and Future

Guard, by Wang Ling

Above is the ideal man, shielding his woman from the hatred of the mob.

A great thing to see, but not to be seen today. The very concept is so alien today, that even the image itself is Chinese, created by Wang Ling. Which Englishman or American or Italian would – could – respect such a chivalrous attitude today?

And without men standing as a shield for his people, there is no family, and no civilization. Consider the change in Black American culture between 1940 and 2015 – a.k.a., between black men having lower divorce rates than whites, and not bothering with family at all.

Men lead, and women follow: so the poisoning of the wellspring of civilization is to be largely placed at their feet. But women, especially feminist women, have certainly disgraced themselves as well. No doubt, they despise the image above, longing to have the woman be the knight as well, or switching places with the man. But we already know that feminist despise both femininity & family – from the hatred of the breadwinner wage, to their love of divorce and the Sacred Right of abortion (fully funded by Republicans, BTW), to the coming insistence that men should enter women’s washrooms, from the public schools onwards.

Nothing the feminists have pushed would have worked without the assistance of assorted playboys and socialists to back them up. Not even women gaining the vote, and so

  1. making the national relationship between the State and the isolated individual, instead of between the State and the head of the soverign & independent tamily
  2. opening the door to increased social spending, social taxes, and social control, as the Saviour State replaced God as the true Lord of society.

Regardless, civilization will not be built on another foundation: it is family, or nothing. It is up to obedient Christians to both remember and uphold God’s will for their families under pressure, until the Establishment goes bust. The end of the New World Order is going to take some time – peg it at a decade or two, as the coming destruction of economic wealth slowly winds itself into the defunding of the Welfare-Warfare State.

As technologically- and economically-driven decentralization continues and speeds up, the re-establishment of numerous small-scale, county and town-sized Christendoms becomes a live possibility. But we still have to get there from here, and it’s going to be a long, tough slog.

It still starts from a husband, protecting his wife, and teaching his children (by word and deed) to uphold the will of God, in public and in private. There is simply no other alternative.


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