Doubting God as a Waste of Time

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. — Revelation 21:8

From this quote, any Christian can easily determine why the Power That Be loves to encourage doubt in Christians – while simultaneously pushing for more faith and trust in Certified Authority Figures, be they “Men in Uniforms”, “Men of Science”, or “Men of the People”.

(Soon enough, as atheistic materialism loses it’s hold on society, some form of Government Certified “Men of God” will also be pushed by the media and the establishment. But wise Christians will have no interest in churches grounded in government taxation, rather than the tithes of the membership. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”)

Again, the peddlers of radial doubt always insist on doubting everything except the peddlers themselves. But self-refuting ideologies stand against the God who expects men to use their reason as a tool of dominion, and so collapse in a puff of logic.

But also, the doubtful will always hesitate and waver, eventually finding some deeply sensible and practical reason to despite God’s commandments.

(Or, like the premillenialists, find spiritual and mystical reasons to defy Christ’s clear word to disciple the nations, and insure that Christ’s Law-Word is proclaimed, believed, and enforced by all the nations, which are to be His minsters and servants.)

Doubt is rooted in disbelief in God’s word and deed… which inevitably means placing faith in the word and deed of Man. This naturally means exalting some particular Man, typically a politician or intellectual of some kind or other, and insuring that The Right Sort gains the kind of power and respect that should only belong to God.

The rule of the wicked is not only disgusting, at turns insipid and tyrannical; it is also self-destructive. You can’t build an enduring society on lies and theft and murder: God invariably guts such rebellious cultures, usually from the inside out. (But not always:  rebellious Israel, rebellious Germans, and rebellious Southerners were all smashed by invading armies, after all!)

To have a stable, productive, growing society, you need the rule of the Righteous King. Proclaiming His rule, and teaching all to obey Him – by word and deed, explicit preaching and exposition and implicitly in holy living and godly behaviour – is the duty of the faithful Christian.

It’s time to stop cringing before an enemy that has already been crushed under the heel of Jesus Christ. Why should we be so doubtful of the supremacy of God and the authority of Christ – in time and on earth – when the most mighty enemies of Christ (Secularists and Muslims alike) are such manifest failures? Just as with Adam, they have already been destroyed spiritually, and so will certainly perish physically as well.

Christ is the Victor. Christ is the Lifegiver. Christ is also the Lawgiver.

We gain life, redemption, a future – individually, as as a family, as a nation – as we draw closer to Christ.

Doubting the power of Christ – loving the ease of retreat and fear and failure, and hating the hard labour and sacrifice of victory and faith and dominion – is the road to diminished reward, lost authority, and unnecessary poverty at best, and damnation in hell at worst.

Why waste time doubting God, when you can redeem the time with faith in God?

It is those who have faith in God, who work for His expanding Kingdom, and teach their children, their friends, and the bystanders to do otherwise – both in word, and in deed.

This is what pleases God, and gains His blessing.

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