The Reason Why Christmas Died

The eroding of the public celebration of Christmas is largely complete, as Daniel Henninger’s article makes clear. And we all know why: “Nothing above the State, nothing outside of the State”

Perhaps one day, Christians will realize that either they rule themselves, or they are ruled by those who hate them. Their truly is no third option.

But it’s worth considering why this expansion of the anti-Christian state was so successful in the United States.

Gary North’s article, Merry Christmas, ACLU! gets it right:

Conservatives blame the ACLU. This hostility is misplaced. The extension of secularization by way of the First Amendment (federal), by way of the 14th amendment (local), into every nook and cranny of the American political system was implicit in the Constitution from the beginning. Christians don’t like to think about this, but that was the case. It took until the early 1960’s for this process to be completed, but it was always there: Article VI, Section III. I wrote a book on this. Download it here.

The main problem is not with the ACLU. It is not even with the Supreme Court, which has handed down a series of decisions since 1961 that have secularized the American public square. The main problem is that the American public square keeps getting larger and larger because of fiscal encroachment.

It was the delusion of the ever-expanding saviour-state in the Name of the People – instead of a government tied solely to the suppression of the wicked, in the Name of God – that is at the root of the now deeply rooted hostility to Christmas.

Long term, the power and authority of the federal government will have to be put on the downturn. This could be done to the political action of Christians who are done with their Loving Masters… but, seeing how slaves love their chains, it will actually be done by the bankruptcy of the state, financially first, and then with it’s delegitimization – nicely boosted by the relentless decentralization of knowledge and activity.

Thanks, Moore’s Law!

Paraphrasing the Dick and Jane readers: “See spending grow. Grow, grow, grow.” “See government grow. Grow, grow, grow. “See jurisdiction grow. Grow, grow, grow.” “See debt grow. Grow, grow, grow.” “See Christianity shrink. Shrink, shrink, shrink.”

Christians are uninterested in striking the root of the problem: government goodies… and the strings attached to those goodies

God is willing and able to act, where Christians refuse.

Repentant Christians will learn the needful lessons: preferably now, before the Great Default. Wise believers, once again establishing a godly society and a restricted state that derives it’s authority from Christ the King (and not from The People), will refuse to create another fake deity, some lying Santa Claus idol with its temporary promises and permanent hostility to the real King.


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