Into the Future!

From my Stellar Reaches blog:

An awesome bit of work, here. Building your own self-driving car in a month, with the help of software that learns on its own.

The ability to build a self-driving car in a garage, in a month, is amazing: but “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” It’s the self-learning software that will make 2040 far different than our vision of the future in 1977.

But… still no moonbases, no FTL, and no vast interstellar empires. *shrug*

(Thanks, EPJ and North)


  • There are Christians who will cry out “Jesus is coming soon!”, and
  • There are Christians who are getting up to speed on engineering, robotics, programming, and algorithms.

Which group of Christians will have a more powerful impact on the future?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Of course, there are a third group, which takes God’s will seriously about how we can best use all these wonderful toys: and this group is more significant than the first two groups. Not many believers study Biblical Casuistry, as most Christians don’t really believe that Christ is King over all men, right here and right now.

  • Retreatists and pessimists are simply worthless.
  • Researchers and scientists (and businessmen and mothers, for that matter) are actually worth something, as they extend man’s dominion over his environment, in accordance to Divine command.
  • But the wisdom to use this power wisely and well… that is what we are in desperate need of. Fortunately, the moral and foundations we need for justice and prosperity – and even joy and love – can be found in the Bible.

We need a full, functioning society able to handle this kind of power and the rapid pace of change, and secularism – with it’s love of State Power, grinding bureaucracies, and stifling collectivism – is simply not up to the job.

But God has given us the keys we need. An expected discovery, as it is the Bible that outlined the truth of

  • Compound growth
  • Linear time
  • the Dominion Covenant
  • the Self-governing man, who has the law in his heart
  • the concept of One Fixed, Reliable, Unchanging Law for All,
  • and a high value for Life, Liberty and Private Property

Amen, and Amen!


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