Google Censorship

Various flavours of Google search engine censorship is inevitable at this point in time. This has been in the works since at least 2009, when Google raised trigger warnings on Christian blogs posted against homosexual acts, and did nothing regarding blogs inciting contempt and violence against Christian people and beliefs.

Hate speech will be defined, as always, as speech that challenge the current ideology. Christians refuse to establish a ruling ideology, so their enemies will.

To complain about Google’s action will accomplish nothing: the Establishment is the Establishment, the Establishment hates the Christian faith, and Google is part of the Establishment. It is also wise to assume that the Establishment will struggle to expand intellectual control and zones of ignorance as much as possible.

Better for Christians to understand that they are under the heel of their enemies – for now – and turn to a variety of search engines at their disposal, including the non-tracking DuckDuckGo, the Russian-based Yandex,, Dogpile.

It will be even better for Christians to set up their own search engines and information networks. The more dispersed, the better. Moreover, as technology develops, resistance against the established orthodoxy will grow easier and cheaper.

The cheaper a product or service becomes, the stronger the demand.


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