Intelligent Design: Ten Years after Dover

Following the link from Uncommon Descent, we can find in an Australian article how Intelligent Design is quietly seeping into the scientific mainstream. This is hardly a triumph of Christianity. Instead, it is merely a bare, minimal recognition of reality: that modern methodological materialists are simply asking much of the power of random chance. It is simply unable to do what atheists want it to do, no matter how many billion of years are thrown at it.

As the State goes down, the ideological defenders of State power – unfettered by all that nauseating Christian morality and unchanging law-code – are going to get themselves defunded, and then Left Behind as the future continues to unfurl.

By the decline of the State, I naturally mean it’s ability to steal (via forfeiture and eminent domain laws), to tax (including evil levels of taxation: that is, at or above the 10% limit established by God), to kill, to suppress crime (both actual crime and mere challenges to its authority), and — most importantly — to Control the Narrative via the unofficial but comprehensive domination of a (very willing) media and academic establishment.

It is also worth observing what caused the hubbub a decade ago, what prompted the American government to react so harshly to a fairly humdrum proposition:

20 December 2015 marked the tenth anniversary of the judicial verdict of Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District, a landmark U.S. case which can be reasonably seen as having stopped the advance of non-Darwinian approaches to biology in state-supported high school classrooms and textbooks.

I have no doubt that such approaches continue to be taught in various guises in various pedagogical contexts. But all these efforts travel under the juridical radar, no longer seeking formal recognition.

Here it is worth recalling what “formal recognition” meant in the original case. The board of the Dover area school district in Pennsylvania had required science teachers to tell students that there are alternatives to Darwin’s theory of evolution – notably intelligent design, books on which were available for students to consult in the school library. Teachers were not forced to teach intelligent design, but they were required to acknowledge its existence as a credible alternative account of the nature of life.

A hilariously trivial and weak-wristed goal – something that is barely past atheism. But Christians have routinely chosen a craven cowardice, instead of a full-throated insistence on the primacy of Jesus Christ in all things, including science.

The more demanding and uncompromising Christians get about the Authority of Jesus Christ in all things, the faster they will get out from the yoke of the Masters who joyfully spit in their faces, on every occasion.

From this standpoint, Kitzmiller can be seen as having tested the threshold of “religiously inspired.” The verdict implied a quite low threshold. In fact, it turned out to be so low that on the back of their victory, the plaintiffs and their supporters could reasonably conclude that religiously inspired teachings were shown to pervert the teaching of science. The plaintiffs’ legal strategy had focussed just as much on the ferreting out of the religious motives of intelligent design’s proponents, textbooks and funders as on interrogating the status of intelligent design as a scientific theory.

If I said it once, I said it a million times: secular government judges have nothing but enmity to Christianity. This is only natural: as agents of a secular state, they know an alternate legal system when they see it, and will do all in their power to grind it under their heel.

Fortunately, they have based their power on the State, which itself is nothing but a bundle of bribes, guns, badges, intimidation and lies. A poor foundation for the long haul, especially as the future continues to encourage decentralization and fragmentation.

Of all the above, it is the power of the bribe that is most potent. Fortunately, every Western secular state has grounded it’s legitimacy on a pack of impossible-to-fulfill welfare promises: with the future being ruled by the PC-deluded products of government schools, it is wise to assume not only State bankruptcy in the future, but a complete inability to retain what competence it has.


Instead of trying to get at the government teat – you  know, like those dead and gone European Christian churches – American Christians need to take command of their own children’s education. (This goes double if you’re black!) The public schools are at once perverted, drugged up, and ignorant – regardless if the sprinkle a little Unitarian/Agnostic God-talk in biology class. The goal of the public schools is to teach obedience and submission to a State that is fundamentally hostile to God – implicitly so from the writing of the Constitution, and only increasing so in the decades following.

As Gary North wrote; addressing conservatives & slavery first, and then Christianity, vis-a-vis the American government (my focus in bold):

Slavery was the crucial topic that Russell Kirk avoided like the plague in The Conservative Mind. He discussed at great length the political philosophy of Southern politicians in the ante-bellum years, but somehow failed to analyze their defense of slavery as a traditional institution extending back into the mists of time. Anyone who thinks this was an oversight on Kirk’s part would probably accept at face value Alexander Hamilton’s answer to the man who asked him why the Constitutional Convention never put any reference to God into the Constitution. “We forgot.”

But of course, we all know that conservativism is simply worthless as a governmental philosophy. It’s just the defense of power and the status-quo.

Rest assured, ‘responsible conservatives’ in 2050 will be the first to defend abortion and homosexuality (never mind divorce and avoiding any reference to God in the schools!), as well as insist on the primacy of the State over any and all religious beliefs. Fortunately, the might and the power of the State – the only Lord and Master there is, as any materialist could tell you – will be in free-fall by that time….

…and the power-worshiping conservatives can join their power-worshiping liberal brothers in the pit dug for their idol, the State.


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