In Search of Converts

One convert from Creation to Evolution…

When he went to college for his biology degree his parents thought the teaching might sway him to evolution. But instead, he became even more convinced. His conversion to evolution would come later, when he went to seminary.

It was then that he realized the scriptures presented a far grander story and that evolution revealed a greater god.

Ah yes. Seminary. “Undermining Christian Faith since our foundation!” After all, they were created as a reaction against Biblical teaching by the Roman church, in the Council of Trent.

Neither Jesus nor Paul established any seminary, or set up any such requirement. It’s the invention of man, men who are not particularly interested in hewing close to God, but very interested in religious control over preachers.

Moreover… the Catholics always did love their Greek philosophy, and the Greeks always did like their sodomy – a preference that their invention of the Academy was created to support.

Anyone cares to hit the history books, and find out what happened to those mentally superior Greeks?

That, in a nutshell is the evolution story. It is the story of one man’s journey to Epicureanism, but it is also the story of countless others, including Charles Darwin. The road goes through religion, not science. It was the seminary rather than the biology degree that convinced the young man that the world arose spontaneously. It is not science, but religion that drives men to absurdity. And once there, it seems so right. After all, it makes for a more wondrous theology and it frees up our scientific inquiry. Epicureanism is needed for both God and man.

Religion drives science, and it matters.

Yes, it does.


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