Fascists, and the Media that Covers for Them

I was reading up on a discussion of fascists at DissidentVoice when I read:

Those who embrace the Fascists of the past as heroes tend to minimise their crimes of violence, but they themselves embrace the use of violence as a valid form of political action. Many readers of this article will no doubt be aware of the Odessa Massacre, but given the mainstream silence on the subject it is worth (re)acquainting yourself with the facts to understand what Fascists will do when they are able.

When you click the website tied to the word “facts”, you discover that you have been told a pack of lies in regard to the Odessa incident on 2014.

As is common: by the time the truth comes out, the world has moved on. But the fascists that murdered those three-dozen or so people in the Trade Centre in Odessa are still out there, and fascism is growing in popularity.

Something for Christians to be wary of, and to take into account as they work to build a better, decentralized, free future… despite the treacherous shoals, and Establishment lies.

  • Remember your right to self-defense.
  • Consider the actual cost you may have to pay, in order to take a stand.
    (Not just losing your job!)
  • Remember that the opposition may no play by the same rules you do.
  • The Establishment Loves to Lie – never forget this!

The city has seen violence in the 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine. The 2 May 2014 Odessa clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian protestors killed 42 people. Four were killed during the protests, and at least 32 protesters were killed after a trade union building was set on fire.

…from the Wikipedia article, “Odessa“, naturally reflecting the official narrative. “Who do you believe: me, or your lying eyes?


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