Despise Players and Takers; Care for Your Own

From Gun Ownership and Crime: Europe vs. the United States, North underscores that, since the destruction of intact families in the inner city, black men of the ghettos do not defend or protect their women.

To expand on the theme: not only do poor black men refuse to protect their women: they openly despise them and encourage a contemptuous view of them: “bros over hos”.

Without a network of families, and without a network of actual black family men, dedicated to defend their families and their turf, urban Black America will continue to both weaken all Americans, and especially work to poison and hinder the rest of Black America, from the poor Southerners two generations out from lynching, to black Supreme Court judges and presidents.

The floor must be lifted, and the foundations secured, for the high goals to be reached; be it simply peace, prosperity, and respect on earth, or any distant dream of space colonization.

Both America as a whole, and Black America as a unit, will benefit when the players and the gangsters of the ghetto are driven back to the hellhole they come from. (Or, they can repent… but I’m not putting much hope in that.)

Poor black Americans don’t need government money: that needs to end. A people does not become great by begging for handouts via the politics of guilt and pity.

White Americans can best help by building up their own families, by a refusal to deal with race hustlers, and by insisting on One Law (and not some biased affirmative action lie). As the man said, Please Stop Helping Us: you can’t grow up and be a man if you are always catered to, portrayed as a needy victim, and never held responsible for your actions.

(And will you please get rid of the minimum wage laws? Thanks!)

Black Americans who have escaped the pit of despair have a stronger responsibility, both as an examples and as the helping hand to the people of the ghetto. White police officers are obviously not cutting it, but there must be law, and there must be justice. That means that successful blacks will have to provide what’s needed – and put their own lives on the line. Even more importantly, they must provide the (homeschool) education that city schools will never provide.

Taking care of your own is the right, even heroic thing to do: but it’s going to be a thankless job. The inner city has been deeply corrupted for decades, and – even with the end of the welfare state – it will still take decades to purge the rot out. White Americans need only get out of the way, and enforce one single law code for all, to fulfill their obligations: all the real sweat work is properly the realm of responsible black men, committed to the resurrection and redemption of all of Black America.

If you don’t look out for your own, who will?

Of course, I realize that the failures of the ghetto will hate successful black men even more than white people, as black winners only reinforce the sense of failure. People hate being corrected (as any true prophet could tell you), and they hate change. But the work simply must be done, even at a high cost in blood and treasure, even if decades of labour is needed to reach the goal God has set for American blacks to achieve.

If Black Americans choose not address their problems, then the issue will be resolved in other, harsher ways: by local sterility (as the sex diseases do their work); by murder, drugs, and suicide, as blacks kill blacks; or by a truly ugly military subjugation – as likely under a Democratic government as a Republican one, by the way.

Better for black people to pay the price themselves: it’s cheaper in the long run, and the commitment needed will ennoble Black American culture as a whole.

A people who truly love their own, to the point of sacrifice and pain for the benefit of their brothers & neighbours, is a people who will be blessed by God… and this is true for blacks and whites, Germans & Arabs, Chinese & East Indians, and all other peoples on this Earth.


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