Chinese Immigrants and Gun Control

I discovered an interesting article, with an even more interesting graphic of a Chinese American woman who is a strong supporter of gun control.

Rather shocking, as the Chinese – even more than the Europeans – hate guns in the hands of the ordinary citizen, for all the obvious reasons. If ‘gun culture’ is ridiculed in Europe, it doesn’t even exist in Asia (excluding the Muslim nations).

Still, as North pointed out, gun control isn’t helping those oh-so-civilized Europeans very much…. and all those single men in China are going to get rowdy when the centralized socialist jobs machine goes down for the count.

With the ongoing decentralization of political power (and the coming, technologically-powered spread of easy-to-produce weaponry), there will be more active gun cultures than those in the US and the Islamic nations. It would be good to see the armed citizens of the United States become the idea model – even a Christian model – for the self-disciplined, self-governed armed man, family, and society.

It takes time for beaten down peoples to learn to stand on their own two feet. It will be easier for them if they have an admirable model to look up to.


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