CRISPR/Cas9 for Beginners; Redeeming Sciences; Better Black Futures

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Yes, this is difficult material, and yes, this is rather technical.

But then again, so is the internal combustion engine and the electric circuit, and CRISPR (and its successors) will be at least as important as these technological advances, going forward.

I hope that some of my readers here – especially the younger ones, and those in the medical field – can get a basic idea of how CRISPR works. After all, from roughly 2025 forward, there will be permanent, intentional alterations to the human genetic pool: you might as well get a casual understanding of what’s going on.

(I much prefer an informed public, to an ignorant mass who just Trusts the Authorities.)

The video was produced by Applied Biological Materials – “For scientists, by scientists” – as a general introduction. They have provided a public Knowledge Base that interested readers should get to know. Also, the comments are useful to get a quick bearing on the issues involved.

My Across the Stars addendum:

The rate of technological advancement is only to accelerate from here on out: and if as a Protestant you didn’t trust the dog collar priesthood, you had better not trust the (often self-consciously materialistic/atheistic/collectivist) white-coat priesthood, either.

That means that you had better get informed on the basic issues. Pronto.

Of course, there is no way you can master the technological concepts here, unless you dedicate a good 10-30 years to this.


If you believe that The Rapture Can Strike At Any Moment, you won’t spend the time on understanding the modern world: you’ll just continue to indulge in soul-winning futility. “Why polish the brass of a sinking ship?”

(I wonder how long it will take before premil people become the subject of obscure anthropological studies, no different than the backward tribes of Papua New Guinea? I give it 20 years, myself…)

If you are a retreatist/pietist/escapist, you’ll just retreat into tiny enclaves of ignorance and fear. Or maybe, like a good defeatist, you’ll pray for kindly, considerate, sophisticated Muslims to be your masters, like Navid Kermani.

Mosebach: Christianity is resistant to disappointment. Its Founder predicted failure for it, and in that light a Christian can be completely reassured.

As long as he fails, he’s doing everything right.

Mosebach: Ultimately, yes. It has to do with a message that cannot be refuted by failure.

I m confident that numerous Christian believers truly believe that they are destined to fail, that Christ is fundamentally a loser, that it is Satan’s Kingdom which will grow, and dominate, and be victorious on earth.

These Christian believers (cough, cough) behave much more like cowering, faithless traitors than loyal, Godly men of war, fighting for victory to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. They may gain the warm approval of Muslims, but I believe that the King has a very different word for them.

(Note that Mosebach – the Catholic – is the one who predicts the failure of God’s word and Christ’s command in the quote above, not the Muslim. Lesson learned: it is the enemy within that is the greater threat, far more than any number of psychotic Muslims or Nazis or Communists or Secularists.)


If you believe that God commands that righteousness covers the earth; that He has no time for the faithless and the cowardly; that Christians are meant to be His point men, pushing on to victory, upholding Divine Righteousness far higher than the Will to Power; then you know that God’s people must master the tools of the day.

Of course, this includes the Internet, 3D printing, etc: but this also includes genetic technology.

I have no faith in the righteousness of the white-coat priesthood – see the Tuskegee syphilis experiment for details – which means that laymen must get moving, in grasping the righteous and holy way to use genetic technology – just as there is a right, lawful, and God-pleasing way to drive a car, use a gun, run a business, unite a family, lead a government. Not all laymen have the skill to gain mastery: but some do, and many can get a basic understanding of the issues.

But this takes work, that mystics and losers and coward and the lazy will resist.

Those of us who respect and honour Christ, must demonstrate this by our action.

Stop slacking. Start working.

[…] They have adopted the escapist religion of “meet, eat, and retreat” on this side of the Rapture because they are agreed with the humanists regarding the only possible model for world-wide dominion: the top-down hierarchy. They say the humanists are about to achieve this goal on earth, and that only the Rapture will thwart them in their drive to capture the church. They say that resurrected, eternal, sin-free saints will return to govern the world a bit later (that afternoon, for post-tribs, 5.5 years for mid-tribs, and 7 years for pre-tribs) and establish a reliable top-down hierarchy under Jesus. It will be reliable because sin-free, death-free people will run it. And Jesus will back it up with total power.

In short, they implicitly argue, without sin-free bureaucrats and managers to staff civil governments, and without the reign of Christ in person to exercise total power, biblical political ethics is impotent. This, it should be noted, is also Satan’s publicly stated belief. Remember His temptation of Christ? If Christ refused to bow down and worship him, he implied, all these earthly kingdoms could not be His. He knew that Christ could boat him out of his squatter’s kingdom. Satan knows that he will lose to God in any cosmic arm-wrestling contest. That isn’t the point. What Satan teaches his followers, and what the vast majority of Christians have believed for almost 2,000 years, is that Satan’s version of one-world order is the valid one. Power rules, not ethics. Might makes political right. Bureaucracies are more effective than covenanted, creedal, open brotherhoods. Nice guys finish last.

If power were “the name of the game,” the Satan would have lost on the day he sinned. So would Adam. It is only because power is not the basis of dominion that life goes on. God showed mankind mercy, not power. God gave men a substitute victim of God’s holy law, not immediate judgment. The fundamental issue is ethics, not power. This is what the church has ignored for too long. The race does not go to the swift, nor the battle to chariots. It goes to the righteous. — Gary North, What Kingdom Model Are Humanists Perverting?

It can be assumed that most of the people working in the field of genetics are humanists. So, these powerful tools, and their permanent impact on humanity, will be initially driven by people who despise God, and adore the State.

There will be a price to be paid, for the Christian refusal to pursue excellence, and the Christian refusal to have all creation, and all of life, acknowledge the supremacy of Christ.

But the power of evil is a flash-in-the-pan affair. For a while, they will pervert and steal and kill, but such behaviour leads to self-destruction.

Which is where the redemption and healing of the world comes in. Just as Christ commands.

Recently, I received a letter from a man who inquired about a speaker I had invited to a conference I plan to hold four months from now. His son has become interested in the work that the speaker has done in investigating anti-Soviet guerilla movements. The son recognized early that this man is a humanist and anti-Christian, and he conveyed this information to his father. The father, a Christian, wrote to me and almost begged me to tell him that the man is not a humanist. He wrote that he assumed that I would never hire someone to speak at one of my conferences who did not share my views, so would I please explain to his son that the speaker is a Christian?

I wrote back to him that it is my policy to hire competent people to speak on particular topics, and that for the most part, Christians are not competent. — Gary North, Competence, Common Grace, and Dominion

Certain kinds of anti-Christian behaviour can only be done by people who call themselves Christians.

If Christians aren’t interested in being ground under the powerful technological heels of some future self-adoring Master Race, they had better get serious about excellence and mastery – and dump the loser premil/amil attitude, that insists that Satan will gain the victory on earth, not Christ, for most of history.

I’m curious what the actual Black American community leaders would think about all of this. Of the accelerating rise of biotechnology… of the looming end of the welfare state… of the growth of robotics.

Yes, I know what self-appointed white leaders of the black community want – more free speech suppression, more goodies for professors of Black Studies, etc. The usual cultural Marxist chatter, using black realities for white liberal goals.

(Remember when Our Black President was supposed to revolutionize America, to bring true racial healing to the land? Well, the homosexuals surely benefited, but if you compare the amount of black men in prisons in 2008 and in 2016, you aren’t going to find much of a difference. As for the wealth of the average black family… that is left as an exercise for the reader.)

But the concern of white liberals posing as blacks – like Our First Black President, Bill Clinton – is not my concern. MY focus is on what actual, local black leaders want. Do they have any idea how radically everything will change in this generation? Will they just have this ‘deer in the headlights’ look? Are they going to just keep on begging and resenting?

Or are they going to get moving, in walking up to a better future, taking personal responsibility to build it?

  • If they loathe the police… then it’s time for the men to get control of their own neighbourhoods!
  • If they hate the System… build their own System!
  • If the public schools are worthless… then set up their own homeschooling network!
  • If the businesses are racist… then set up their own businesses!

All this hopeless, despairing whining dependency grates on my nerves. And I am confident that it repulses God as well, who expects Christians to pray and think and work, to shape and gain dominion over their environment, instead of crawling to their atheistic masters, begging for some biscuits to be thrown their way.

I’m waiting for urban black men to get married and say married, to graduate from high school, to get and keep a job. Nothing is going to change, until this gets done.

Moreover, it would be wise to stay out of the drug world: why lie rotting in a grave in your 20s and 30s (and breaking the family finances with burial expenses), when you could be working and building up your people, as well as being a blessing and a benefit for America as a whole?

The American destiny should be a lot better than the rapey destiny of Europe. But that’s a rather low standard: free Americans, black and white, can do much better than that!

Work is necessary, to protect the rights that still remain, and regain what has been stolen my Our Betters. A Godly vision is needed, a vision of local communities and self-governing men; where the only unchallengable authority is God, and not bureaucrats, media-protected intelligencia, lawyers wearing robes, politicians, or bullies wearing uniforms.

Competing authorities under God equals liberty.


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