Double Standards, and Boot Licking Christians

Gary North, on the Rules Our Betters have created for Us Inferiors to live by:

Academic etiquette has favored the political Left since at least 1946. Liberals, Marxists, and feminists can get away with rhetorical murder, but people on the Right are supposed to be restrained, gentlemanly, and members of the academic loyal opposition. This double standard has existed in American academic since at least the end of World War II.

Anyone who does not conform, no later than graduate school, is unlikely to be offered a full-time teaching post in a university. Anyone who does not conform as an assistant professor is not going to be granted tenure.


The sad thing is this: too many Austrian economists in tenured positions have succumbed to the hypocritical standards of academic etiquette. They do not know how to fight to win. They do not see how high the stakes are. They cannot see what lies beyond the faculty lounge.


We are in the midst of a battle for Western civilization. It now spreads to the whole world. It is a battle between central banks and the whole world. Stockman understands this. So, he goes after the enemies of civilization with everything he’s got. He has put his reputation on the line. He has written the best book on recent economic events that I have read: The Great Deformation. It pulls no punches. It shows exactly how central banks were the cause of the great recession of 2008 and 2009. They are also going to be the cause of the next recession, which is likely to be worse.


Academic critics of these tax-funded charlatans are supposed to be polite to them. They are destroying Western civilization, but we are supposed to come before the public with some version of “Hail, fellow, well met.” I think we need to challenge them for the frauds that they are. I think we must lay down the gauntlet.

Aren’t you tired of playing by the rules, laid down by those who openly and consistently hate you with an uncompromising malice?

David Stockman are going after the core enemies of Western Civilization, the Central Bankers. He pulls no punches.

It would be good if Christians would kindly stop cringing and begging and licking the boots of their enemies, hoping for a few crumbs and an end to the beatings, and start calling out worthless anti-Christian trash for what they are.

Fight to win.


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