Christians Must Serve, to Rule

From Mises’ Human Action

The point of view from which the consumers choose the captains of industry and business is exclusively their qualification to adjust production to the needs of the consumers. They do not bother about other features and merits. They want a shoe manufacturer to fabricate good and cheap shoes. They are not intent upon entrusting the conduct of the shoe trade to handsome amiable boys, to people of good drawing-room manners, of artistic gifts, of scholarly habits, or of any other virtues or talents. A proficient businessman may often be deficient in many accomplishments which contribute to the success of a man in other spheres of life.

Quite a number of people despise the businessman, due to his supposed moral inferiority. But..

it is necessary to emphasize that, so far as the operation of the market is not sabotaged by the interference of governments and other factors of coercion, success in business is the proof of services rendered to the consumers. The poor man need not be inferior to the prosperous businessman in other regards; he may sometimes be outstanding in scientific, literary, and artistic achievements or in civic leadership. But in the social system of production he is inferior. The creative genius may be right in his disdain for commercial success; it may be true that he would have been prosperous in business if he had not preferred other things. But the clerks and workers who boast of their moral superiority deceive themselves and find consolation in this self-deception. They do not admit that they have been tried and found wanting by their fellow citizens, the consumers.

Christians who plan to generate wealth – and so buy back, redeem, the world, as our example Christ did – must generate wealth.

Christians may not simply revel in their supposed moral superiority: they must actually work and actually serve people and actually obey God, in the physical world, if they plan to be the head of society, and not the tail.

Christians must serve the customer, carefully and well, generation after generation, at the price the customer is willing to pay, if they want to generate the money needed to buy back the world in the lesser monetary/ethical sense, as Christ did in the greater spiritual/ethical sense.

This is a far better way than just killing/oppressing people and taking their stuff, in the style of Islam; or saying an endless string of lies as you take money from your enemy Peter and give it to your friend Paul (while keeping 50% for yourself for “handling”) in the style of the “corporate-government partnership” fascist West.

(Soft fascist? Hard fascist? That is up for others to determine. The West is certainly tyrannical, perverted, intensely corrupt, and damned to failure, poverty, and sterility… unless they repent.

I am not holding my breath for that last bit.)

Christians who are tired of eating the scraps off the table of their masters must work to buy that table. Then, after owning the table and setting the rules, they can toss some scraps to the dogs – or just kick them out. Gotta watch out for that rabies, you know…

Anything else is just boot-licking.


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